How To Dye Short Beard Without Staining Skin

Growing and grooming a beard is not where the struggle ends and there is a lot more that you have to do in order to make your beard look perfect. Research and studies have shown that men with beard look more attractive than those who don’t have one.The reason behind it is simple, beards are a sign of masculinity and strength and it is a fact that beards add more grace to ones personality so yes it is true that men with beard are way more attractive.

Now, as said earlier, growing and maintaining a beard is not where the struggle ends especially if you are someone who has a problem of premature grey hair then you have to put a lot in your beard.

Now, firstly, let’s face it, no one in the world would want to have a grey beard but on the other hand there are certain factors that cannot be controlled. For example one cannot take hold of the age factor and once you start aging, you are going to get your beard and scalp hair grey. In the case of the premature grey hair growth, there are chances to control it but then again, if this issue resides in your genes then unfortunately nothing can be done about it.

If you want a sincere suggestion on what exactly should you do to avoid the growth of grey and white beard then we will first suggest you to try the natural way first.

In order to turn your beard black or brown naturally you can try;

  • Consuming vitamins and minerals
  • Eat healthy food and include vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Exercise and meditate daily to reduce the stress levels
  • Increase your protein intake
  • Use beard products specially beard oils

These are the few natural ways to get rid of premature grey hair but on the other hand if nothing works for you naturally then don’t worry because we do have another solution to your problem. You can dye your beards just as all the other people in the world do.

Now, regarding dyeing, mostly people have this misconception that dyeing the hair can be harmful for the growth of the hair no matter it is your scalp or your beard. If you are also a victim of this misconception then we will help you with that.

Basically we do understand that dyes can be dangerous to your facial and scalp hair but that danger comes from a few ingredients used in the production of the dyes. In a nutshell, if you are buying a quality dye from the market then there are high chances that you won’t face any side effects of it.

In order to buy a quality dye from the market all you need to do is to check if the brand is popular enough and also look for the ingredients with which it is made.

Choosing A Dye For Your Beard

Now the first step is to choose the right dye for your beard and as said earlier, you have to make sure that you are buying a high quality dye from the market and that it should be original because nowadays some people sell copies of the original dye and make a fool out of you so be very careful about this factor.

Choosing A Dye For Your Beard

Now, the next thing is to decide on which dye do you want. There are two types of dyes available in the market. One is the semi-permanent dye and the other is the permanent one. The semi-permanent dye is for those who want to keep their beard dye for a short time span, let’s say two or three weeks and the permanent one is obviously going to be there for a longer time until the new hair start growing or a new beard comes out.

If you are someone who is new to the “dyeing” thing then we suggest you to first go for the semi-permanent dye and check whether the color you chose suits you or not. In case you don’t like the color, it will start vanishing all by itself within one or two weeks. Also, in case of the semi-permanent dye, the color starts coming off if you wash your beard a lot of time so yes you do have an option with the semi-permanent ones.

Choosing The Color Of The Dye

Next step is to pick up the best and the most favorite beard color of yours. If you want to get your beard something like jet black then you obviously can get it done. Basically the market is full of dye colors for your beard and every color has a proper line of its shades. Like if you are opting for a brown beard then there will be around 10 to 12 shades of it to choose from.

This is where you have to test the dye and its  color on your beard. If you are not ready to risk the look of the beard then we suggest you to go to an expert and ask for his opinion on which dye color will suit your beard. There are experts in salons that can help you better in the decision of which dye to choose. Also, if you do have a liking of your own then just buy a dye from the market and apply it.

Choosing the right color for beard

Now regarding dyeing many people get scared of it while applying because they think that they will spread it on their skin too. Well, it is a fact that applying a dye to your beard requires some serious struggle and concentration but once you learn the art of it, you will then be able to do it easily all by yourself.

Now if you are someone who wants to master the art of dyeing his beard then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you about this process in a few simple steps.

So, folks, again take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might help you in learning something that you couldn’t do by yourself.


Once you have decided about your dye you then have to follow these steps;

If you have finally chosen a regular dye then check if it is harmful for your skin or not. You might be wondering that how exactly can you check that, well, it is simple, just apply a little bit of the dye on any sensitive area of your body that can be the bend of your arm too. Apply a little bit of the dye there and leave it for 24 hours, if you skin doesn’t react to it then it is safe to use and you can then apply it on your beard.

  • Do not wash your beard the day you have to dye it or the day before you have to dye it, you definitely should get rid of the debris but don’t wash or clean your beard properly. The dye will do it all itself.
  • As we all know the fact that dyeing a beard or the scalp hair can be pretty messy which is why you should always wear some white clothes or the clothes that are a waste for you because there are high chances that you can get dye stains on your shirt and specially your collar so be very careful with that and also put a cloth on the sink where you are about to apply the dye so that cleaning it all later can be easy for you.
  • Now the one major thing that you need during all this process is “patience”. If you are planning to dye your beard quickly as you don’t have much time then we suggest you to apply the dye later. You need a lot of concentration and patience in order to make sure that you are applying the dye correctly on all your beard. So, yes a little patience and concentration can help you master the art of applying dye on your beard.

We have heard a lot of people saying that they are afraid of dyeing their beard because of the fear of getting stains on their skin. Well, we do understand that this can look really bad if you have the dye on your skin too. The exact way to avoid those ugly stains is by properly combing your beard before the application.

This way you will be more careful with all your beard hair and there will be less chances of it to get your skin stained. And again, you need patience and concentration during the application of the dye, this is also a factor that adds a lot when it comes to the prevention of the stains on your skin.

Now we do understand the fact that the market out there is full of different dyes and companies that promise high quality dyes with no side effects but let’s be practical, it is not possible for all the companies to provide similar high standards of quality. Well, don’t worry again as we do have some amazing products for you that are considered to be the best and the most used dyes in the market.

Here you go;


This dye is the best as it can last for almost 8 to 9 months and it comes in 8 different colors so yes you do have a wide range of options to choose from with this brand. Moreover, with it you don’t have to buys separate dyes for your moustache and sideburns and this can be used on all your facial hair along with scalp hair.


With this dye you don’t need any brushes, masks and no liquids as it comes with a brush that can make the application easy for you. This dye is considered to be the best one in the market as it is very easy to use it and you don’t have to get into much mess and fuss with the application.

Above everything, the Younger Looking Beard dye is easily available in the market at very reasonable rates and you don’t have to spend huge figures of money on it. So, if you are someone who is looking for a dye in a reasonable price and high quality then we suggest you to give this brand a try.


The BLACKBEARD FOR MEN is one of the safest and the best dyes that has been tested in lab to. It is more of a cosmetic product and less of a dye and this one is made for those men who are sensitive to the chemicals of dyes.

The only drawback of this dye seen yet is that the brown color of it comes with a little red tint but on the whole this is the best product that can give you results in short time span as it is also famous as the instant dye for your beard.


Just like all the other good dyes this one also comes with extremely easy application and it has a brush too that can prevent the stains on your skin. If you genuinely want to buy a product that is worthy of every single penny of yours then the BLACKBEARD FOR MEN dye is a must-to-use for you and we assure you that you will love the quality with which it comes.