How To Get A Stubble Beard Style

How To Get A Stubble Beard Style

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Everyone wants to have a perfect beard style for their face. Growing a beard and maintaining it requires a lot of struggle but what’s more difficult is to have very little facial hair that don’t count as beard. The very little facial hair is known as stubble and keeping that stubble well-maintained is way more difficult than anything else.

It’s just like you have to keep those little facial hair equal, nicely trimmed and that should suit your face too.

How To Get A Stubble Beard Style – Step By Step Guide

Well, if you are also among those men who want to know how to maintain that stubble of yours then you are at the right place. Today in this article we are going to give you a detailed explanation of how you can get a stubble beard style and maintain it.

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Decide If Stubble Is Right For You

The first thing that you need to do is to decide whether you are ready for a stubble or not. There are both pros and cons to this and you obviously will have to put some struggle in a stubble. However, for men who don’t grow much beard and have a baby face, they can surely try and get a stubble in order to look more handsome and rugged. Maintaining the facial hair at a short length can also help clear up the skin.

There are various reasons why a stubble can be great for you but then again, it all depends upon your face cut. If you are lucky enough to grow good and fast facial hair then you can experiment the stubble on your face. Have it and check if its suits or not.

The Ideal Stubble Length

The one major question that might be coming in your mind right now is that what exactly is the ideal stubble length. Well, don’t worry because we are here to answer that too.
Now in order to grow an ideal stubble all you need to do is:

  • Grow your facial hair to a point when they can be called a “short beard”. Yes, don’t trim them during the first 1 week and let it grow to a length that you know is slightly longer than you want.
  • Now after you are done growing that short length beard, set your trimmer at a loger setting such as 4. This will help you to trim your hair to an equal length.
  • Once you are done with an even length, now start trimming your stubble in increments until you find the stubble perfect for yourself.
  • You can keep the stubble on different parts on the different parts of your face on order to give a cleaner look or you can let it spread till your cheeks, the choice is all yours. Just remember that you if you fail that look, you can grow beard again and try something different.

Trimming Your Neckline

Not only your face should be your main focus while keeping a stubble in fact your neckline counts a lot to your overall look. For men, deciding how they want the stubble to be on their necklines, is the hardest part. However, it isn’t that complicated and we will cut it short for you. You see, if you want to have a cleaner look then you should shave off the stubble from your neck and keep it clean but if you are up for a rough look then you can keep the stubble on your neckline. Wolverine’s beard is an amazing example of having a stubble beard.

Fade the hair at your neckline

If you have finally decided to keep the stubble on your neckline that we suggest you to fade it out. For that you can keep the setting of your trimmer to 1 around your Adam’s Apple and setting 2 past your jawline. This way you won’t have a sharp contrast between your neck and your face.It will give an overall natural and well-maintained look to your face.

No Stubble on the neckline

On the other hand, if you want no stubble on your neckline and want to keep it shorter than shave the stubble smooth beyond your jawline. You can easily push at the exact spot by feeling the soft skin with your fingers under your chin, behind your jawbone. This way you can have a perfectly lined stubble that will give you a cleaner and handsome look.

The designer stubble can give you a very classy yet rough look and at times it won’t suit your face. All of it depends upon the shape of your face and determining that stubble suits your face cut or not is one important step. You can make some research on face shapes online or experiment on your own face by keeping a beard or a stubble.

This way you will have a clearer idea of what you should do and whether a stubble is suitable for your face or not.

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