How to Treat Puffy Eyes without Spending a Lot of Money?

Do you want your puffy eyes gone for good? Have you tried different products in the market without finding the right one that works for you? It’s really a challenge to get rid of puffy eyes but it is not impossible to do so. And you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get puffy-free eyes. There are several ways to remove puffy eyes with just items that you have at home.

This is not some kid of joke or quick fix to remove puffiness around the eyes. What we have here are time-tested techniques that will remove swelling, dark circles and tired-looking eyes. These techniques are easy to remember and wont’ take too long to do. Yes there are potions and creams that claim to remove puffiness, tiredness and swelling in the eyes however these cost a lot without guarantees that will work at all.

Try out our techniques to find out that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look beautiful. Here are the top 47 simple puffy eye treatments for you.

Lifestyle and health changes

Elevate your head as you sleep

One of the culprits to tired and swelling eyes is gravity. You might have noticed that your eyes were not that puffy when you were still in bed a minute ago but just became puffy after you got out of bed. This is because gravity affects the already sagging bags of your eyes making them look more swollen and puffy. So the next time you plan on burning the midnight oil, you might want to try elevating your head as you sleep.

If you use one pillow to support your head then you might want to try two or three. If you sleep on your side, sleep on your back instead. If you are uncomfortable sleeping this way then try resting while seated. You can use this technique along with other strategies to remove puffiness around the eyes as well.


Reduce salt intake

One technique that can help remove puffiness especially during the mornings is to avoid eating salty foods in the evening or right before you sleep. Salt lets the cells of the skin retain more water than it is able to hold making not just your eyes but also face looking puffy and swollen.

So kick the habit of eating salty snacks right before you sleep. Eat low-salt or even salt-free snacks instead.

Take note: there is an explanation as to why your eyes look puffy and tired in the morning after you cried yourself to tears and this is not about staying up late to cry.


Get lots of rest

Staying up late watching a movie, using the computer or partying with friends can take a toll out of your health especially if this happens very often. Getting lots of rest will help the body recuperate and the skin to heal itself as well.

You must have at least 8 hours of sleep per night but if you cannot commit to this regimen because of a busy schedule then take frequent naps over the course of the day instead. If you are the type who takes their work at home then don’t! Maintain clear rules about resting at home and how you can get more time off. Finally, designate one day of the week to completely remove yourself from work; turn off your phone, have a work-free day so you can completely recover from lack of rest.


Control allergies

One of the reasons why your eyes feel tired and puffy is because of allergies. If you have allergies, your body tends to compensate by reacting in an over the top way. It releases chemicals that stimulate different body systems. Your eyes turn puffy and swollen; your nasal passages begin to swell while your eyes turn red and watery.

Controlling allergies is therefore very important. Frequently clean or vacuum your home if you are allergic to dust. Be certain which food or medication you are allergic to and try your best to avoid these. Finally, remove allergy sources around the house like carpets, pets and so on.


Commit to a healthy lifestyle

It’s time to start a new lifestyle if you are serious about removing those dark circles around the eyes. Start exercising, live a more active life and make sure to get lots of rest. If you work nights then get adequate sleep during the day. Avoid eating junk food and food that have no nutritional value. And finally, try to maintain your idea weight. All these will contribute to good health and good skin.


Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can make it hard for the body cells to collect and distribute oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues. It can thus affect the skin resulting in poor skin elasticity and hydration. The skin will appear dry and will easily sag. Quitting alcohol as early as today can help improve overall skin health. You will also be doing your liver and kidneys a huge favor too.


Wear sunscreen

Exposure to the sun could take its toll on the skin. Skin could discolor, lose its elasticity and become vulnerable age when you do not protect it from the sun. Simply wearing a hat to shield the face will not suffice. You need a strong sunscreen, preferably SPF 50 or more, to protect from the harmful UVB rays.  Follow directions from the packaging and apply liberally on the face and on the body. If you frequently go out under the sun, use long sleeved shirts, umbrellas and hats as physical barriers from the sun.


Avoid stress

Stress also takes a toll on skin leading to puffiness around the eye area. There are many easy and even unconventional ways to relieve stress without the need to take medication. You can talk to friends and family or your social circle, attend yoga classes, perform meditation and relaxation techniques, and go out with friends and family and so on. Learn to understand what causes stress and how you can avoid it. Understand your own body and what it is telling you; you will be able to prevent panic attacks earlier and faster when you do.


Stop smoking

There is no positive effect in smoking. The body’s immune system weakens while the lungs, heart and brain are severely affected when you continue to smoke. The skin loses its natural glow and plumpness leaving sagging, dry and unhealthy-looking skin. There is no better time to quit smoking than now.

Studies show that in just a few days of quitting smoking, your skin and hair may return to its usual health. You will also regain lung and cardiovascular health in a matter of weeks. If you have puffiness around the eye area and other skin imperfections, expect that these will be reduced after you quit smoking for good.


Commit to an active lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is never good for anyone. Everyone needs to move and to engage in different activities all day long. Staying active improves blood circulation and reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and other cancers. With circulation improved the entire body including the skin receives a good supply of oxygen and nutrients. You will have less swelling around the eye and face when you stay healthy and active every day.


Exercise regularly

Regular exercise also improves blood flow to the skin and this rejuvenates the skin as well. You will not just reduce the puffiness around the eyes but you will also feel and look younger and glowing with you engage in an efficient exercise regimen.

Exercise also stimulates the production of natural chemicals that can make you feel happy and good about yourself. It is definitely good practice to exercise not just to make you look healthy but also to feel healthy as well.


Get rid of pets

In line with controlling allergies, pets can cause allergic reactions which can make you sneeze and stimulate the lining of the respiratory tract to produce more mucous. Your eyes will look puffy and inflamed when allergies strike.

Remove pets if possible or let them stay outdoors instead. Vacuum more often and use a vacuum that can remove dirt, dust and dander from carpets, sofas, mattresses, curtains and floors. You may also opt for hypoallergenic instead. There are pet breeds that have been genetically – altered to create a pet that is good with owners with allergies like the Labradoodle for instance. This dog is a combination of Labrador retriever and a Poodle which is known for its hypoallergenic fur. Pets indeed make great companions however if they cause allergies then you might be better off without it.


Drink lots of water

Applying moisturizer will hydrate skin but it will just be superficial. Aside from this you must drink lots of water to hydrate skin from the inside. It makes sense to drink water since the cells of the body are basically made of water. Aside from pure water you can also take fruits and vegetables with high water content like melons and citruses. These will surely hydrate skin and remove dryness and puffiness in no time.


Improve moisture where you sleep

The environment where you usually stay in can also contribute to skin health. If the environment is too dry, the skin tends to dry as well resulting in sagging, discolored skin. Using a hydrator can increase moisture in air to improve skin health and even help with allergies. If you do not have a hydrator a pan of water would do. Place this pan near the fireplace or near the furnace to improve air moisture completely.


Eat well

Eat well, eat healthy. Choose fresh food instead of food that have been chemically altered or preserved. Choose safe food instead of taking risks and affecting your health. You will have improved overall health as well as skin and hair health when you take in only healthy food and choose healthy food practices.


Kitchen helpers

Use revitalizing cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most highly –regarded vegetable in removing inflammation, swelling and puffiness along the eye area. It has natural chemicals that can remove puffiness plus hydrate skin to make it look healthier, younger and rosier. Cucumbers are cool to the skin and are natural so it won’t have side effects even when used on a regular basis.

It is easy to use cucumber for puffiness around the eyes. You can use skin care products that contain cucumber such as creams, astringents and potions. You can also use natural cucumbers as well. Cut cucumbers into thin slices and place this over the eye area. You can also squeeze the juice out of a cucumber and use cotton to dab it over the skin. Leave the juice over the skin, let it dry. Repeat this procedure daily to gently and effectively remove puffiness.


Healing green or black tea

Black tea has natural chemicals that can repair skin and improve skin health. You can drink tea to receive its great benefits however for removing puffiness around the eye area it has to be applied directly over the area as well.

Take two tea bags, one for each eye, place these in a small saucer with water. Soak for at least a minute and then place these over the area completely covering the puffy area. Let the bags stay for at least 15 minutes and remove. Wash your face and pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat this procedure at least once a day for a week to completely remove swelling and discoloration around the eyes.


Use whole milk

Whole milk contains nutrients that skin needs to repair, rejuvenate and replenish. It is also cool and pleasant to apply this on skin. Place whole milk in a small saucer and use a cotton ball to apply over the skin. You will notice instant tightening as you let whole milk dry over the skin. Remove from skin after 15 to 20 minutes and repeat the procedure at least once a day. Be careful in applying milk over the eye area; do not pull on skin or stretch the skin.

Whole milk may be used together with oats and honey to create a natural, homemade mask.


Wondrous chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has natural anti-inflammatory effects as well as anti-microbial properties. It can treat many ailments and can revive tired and puffy eyes. Aside from drinking chamomile tea, you can get its great effects by placing tea bags over the eye area. Get two chamomile tea bags and place this in a small saucer with warm water. Let the bags soak for a while and after about 5 minutes, take it out of the water and then place these over the eye area. Let this remain up to 20 minutes and then afterwards, remove and wash your face. You will feel and see an instant stretch over the area after you apply chamomile tea.


Healing wonders of egg whites

Egg whites can reduce inflammation and control puffiness. Egg whites is all natural and will complete improve skin appearance when used on a regular basis. All you need is one egg; crack it open and separate the while from the yellow part of the egg. Place the whites in a small bowl and use a fork to mix the egg whites really well.

Use a cotton ball or a clean makeup brush to apply egg whites. Dab a piece of cotton or wet the makeup brush with egg whites and gently apply the egg whites over the skin of the face and let this settle at least for about 30 minutes.

Egg whites can be used with oats and milk as a face mask to remove blemishes, improve skin quality and rejuvenate tired-looking skin in no time.  You can apply egg whites on skin daily preferably before you retire at night.


Using raw potato

A very popular way to remove puffiness along the eye area is to use potato rinds. Potatoes contain starch and minerals that can help improve skin health and remove puffiness along the eye area. The trick is to use potato’s ability to retain water to soothe tired eyes.

Grate or slice a large raw potato and then refrigerate this about three hours. Remove from the refrigerator and place this over the eye area for about 15 to 30 minutes. You can reuse this by placing the soft, cold and raw potato back inside the fridge. Do not use potato that has become dark or discolored.


Remove puffiness with almonds and milk

Almonds also have natural healing properties that can reduce inflammation and relieve swelling around the eye area. Combined with whole milk or skimmed milk, you get a mixture that can help improve skin health and makes skin tighter, lighter and even younger.

Using almonds is tricky however. You need to grind almonds and combine this with milk to make a paste. Apply this on skin around the eye and let it remain for at least 15 minutes.  You can refrigerate any unused almond and milk paste since this mixture can last for a week in the fridge. Repeat this procedure daily preferably before going to bed.


Awesome avocado remedy

Avocadoes are superfoods with amazing therapeutic powers including improved skin health, cardiovascular health and immune system health. You can get avocado’s great therapeutic benefits not just by eating the fruit but by also applying this over the skin.

Cut open a ripe avocado and then scrape out the fruit. Place this in a small bowl. Add two tablespoons of water and then completely mix the two ingredients. Wash your face and pat dry. Apply the mashed avocado and milk mixture over the eye area to reduce swelling and control puffiness. Repeat daily. The mixture you just made can be placed inside the fridge to be used for at least a week.



Lemons have high vitamin C content that can help boost skin health. Vitamin C also improves immune system function so that you can resist illness, fight aging and remove wastes from the body. There are a number of skin care preparations with lemon extracts and oils and you can also use lemon on its own.

Cut open a ripe lemon and squeeze out the juice in a bowl. Use a cotton ball to apply a small amount of juice over the eye area. This will reduce swelling, tighten the area and make skin look and feel less inflamed. You can also add lemon juice over your favorite plain astringent or facial wash. Use daily preferably before sleeping.



Just like lemons, oranges have high vitamin C content that will work great in rejuvenating skin and reducing inflammation. Use oranges just like you would lemons by applying it over the skin on the eye area with a cotton ball. Another good thing about oranges is that you can use its skin or rind as compress over the inflamed eye. As you slice an orange, take the peel and slice it to fit over the eye area. Use just enough rinds over the eye and place the other rinds in the refrigerator to cool. Use the refrigerated rinds later.



Garlic has powerful anti-inflammatory properties but instead of providing cold over the area, it provides warmth which can improve blood circulation and promote healing. Garlic is used in wounds and cuts for its anti-bacterial and astringent properties.

To apply garlic, you must first peel a small clove and then pound it to release its natural juices. Use a cotton ball to apply this over the eye. Be careful since it could sting especially if there are cuts and openings on the skin. Use garlic once or twice a week as a fast and easy way to remove inflammation.



Mangoes are rich in nutrients that can soothe swelling and inflammation. Mangoes are also naturally cool and can help with puffy eyes in no time. Just cut open a ripe mango and remove the meat and place this in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of milk and then mix completely. Use this as a paste or cream around the eye. Apply evenly with the use of your hands.

Mangoes are naturally cool and you can feel the effects on puffy eyes as soon as it touches your skin. Repeat this procedure daily or two to three times a week. A small ripe mango can make enough cream or paste that could last a week if placed inside the refrigerator.


Coffee grounds mask

Coffee has wonderful antioxidant properties and can help remove puffiness and swelling over the eye area for good. You can use coffee grounds for this treatment. After brewing coffee, collect the grounds and use it. Clean skin with your favorite soap and then pat dry. With your hands, pat coffee grounds over the skin and then leave this on skin for about 20 minutes. Remove the grounds gently by using tissue paper or wipes. Let skin rest for a few minutes before washing it to completely remove all coffee ground bits. Use this as rejuvenating treatment for at least two times a week.



Yoghurt has live microorganisms that can help fight infection and neutralize the area around the eye to reduce swelling and puffiness. Yogurt is also cold and can reduce swelling naturally. Take a scoop of non-flavored yoghurt and apply on the eye area. Let this stand for at least 30 minutes and then rinse. You can combine yoghurt with honey, oats or egg whites to create a natural skin mask or scrub. You can repeat this cool and sweet treat on skin every day or every other day. Make sure to use fresh yoghurt.


Cold milk

Milk has been known as rejuvenating and can reduce inflammation as well. Cold milk will revive skin, remove swelling and nourish the skin when used daily. You can use just about any kind of milk and milk may be combined with almonds, honey, oats and other natural ingredients to boost skin health and remove puffiness around the eye. What’s great about milk is that it’s an ingredient in most mild skin care products. It will remove puffiness naturally without irritating skin. Use a cotton ball to apply milk over the eye area, be careful around the eye area. Do not pull or press the area. Just apply milk by dabbing it on skin.


Unusual objects

Use a cold spoon

Refrigerate two spoons, one for each eye. Place the spoon with the bowl of the spoon pressing on the puffy part of the eye. Let the spoon press (but not too forceful) on the area for at least 30 to 60 seconds. This will help reduce swelling and at the same time wake you up. If you frequently suffer from swelling or puffiness in the eye area, have two spoons ready all the time.


Using an infant’s teething toy

A silicone teething toy is not just for infant’s use. You can place this toy inside the freezer and then use it as needed. Silicone gel becomes cold and retains cold even when used for minutes. Whenever you wake up with puffy eyes, take the silicone teething toy and place it over the eye area. Do not press hard; just let the toy rest along the swollen area. You can repeat this therapy as much as you can.


Chill those eye drops

Most likely aside from puffiness, you will also have pain and irritation over the eyes. Using chilled eye drops will help cool the eyes and reduce any pain and irritation. Combine this treatment with other techniques to completely reduce irritation and discomfort of tired eyes.


Hemorrhoid creams for swelling

Sounds gross but it actually works! Hemorrhoid creams reduce irritation by applying cold over the affected area. This treatment works with puffy eyes since the area around the eye is very sensitive. Apply only a thin amount of cream on the area and allow this to work for at about 15 minutes. You will feel something cold or cool over the skin. Apply once a day, preferably during bedtime.


Mint flavored toothpaste

Just like hemorrhoid creams, toothpaste can be used to reduce swelling along the eye area as well. Use mint flavored toothpaste if possible or simply plain white toothpaste. Take a small amount and then apply this over the eye area. Toothpaste is cold and will reduce swelling instantly. Some toothpaste contain small particles that help scrub teeth so don’t ever rub the area vigorously or press down firmly since this may irritate sensitive skin. Apply this once or twice a day.


Cold water in the morning

Wash your face with cold water after waking up with puffy eyes. Run cold water along the face or use a washcloth dipped in cold water. Place the wash cloth over the eye area and let this stay for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Cold will reduce inflammation and swelling. The eyes will be less swollen and puffy after using this cool treatment.


Eye therapy patches

There are eye therapy patches meant for pink eyes and injury along the eye but you can use this to treat puffy eyes. These eye patches are usually made of silicone and are worn to reduce discomfort and pain on the area. These patches may not be designed to reduce swelling around the eyes but has good potential since the patches conform to the shape of the eye.

Wear these as needed or according to package instructions. Take note of the type of material used for the product especially if you have latex allergies.


Use cold cream

Cold cream is not just for dry skin; it can also help soothe puffy skin around the eyes and help make the area less swollen. Cold formulation of the cream gently relieves swelling and at the same time moisturizes the area around the eye as well. Ponds has a number of cold cream products. You can also use Vaseline to apply gentle cold compress over the area to relieve swelling.


Staying in a cold environment

Stay in an air conditioned room of you home to remove swelling. A warm room may worsen your condition and only irritate the skin around eye. A cold room will ease swelling and even relieve pain and discomfort if there are any.


Cold cuts

Very weird but some claim that this technique helps. Use deep frozen food like cold cuts and sausages as cold compress to reduce swelling around the eye. Use a piece of ham or a cut of salami in the shape of the contours of your eye. Place the frozen meat in a plastic zip lock before using and if this is just too cold, wrap the frozen meat up in a face towel before placing it over the eye. Use this technique as often as you like but don’t forget to place it back inside the freezer after use.


Natural cures

Witch Hazel to the rescue

Witch hazel has been used as a natural astringent and this is because it can remove swelling and redness in the eye. Use chilled with hazel and apply just a little bit in a cotton ball or pad. Place this over the eye for around 3 to 5 minutes. You may also apply a thin layer of witch hazel over the puffy skin over the eye to reduce swelling and puffiness.


Using Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has a lot of great therapeutic properties and one of these is reducing inflammation. You can use products with Aloe Vera or use a leaf of the aloe plant. Get a fresh, large leaf, open it up to reveal the gel inside the leaf. Remove this gel and apply this over the swelling. Notice that it feels cold to the touch. Remove this after 15 minutes, wash your face and rinse off. Use this treatment three times a week to get the best results.


Rose water power

Rose water has vitamins A and C and is rich in flavonoids. Rose water is also a natural astringent that also possesses anti- inflammatory properties. You can purchase rose water from natural health stores or create your own rose water by simmering rose petals until their color runs out. Allow the water to cool and remove the petals. Place the liquid in a small jar or bottle.

Use a small cotton ball to apply rose water over the swollen area around the eyes. Let the liquid stay on skin. You will feel a cool, refreshing and tightening feeling after applying rose water.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular beauty treatments and in fact it is a very common ingredient in skin care products. Coconut oil can help moisturize the area around the eye and make skin appear younger looking and glowing, you will be able to reduce puffiness as well as dark circles and dryness around the eyes in no time with coconut oil.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can rejuvenate skin. It does not just remove puffiness but will also help remove discoloration around the eye area and sagging skin. Tea tree oil in its pure form is very strong this is why you need just a few drops of oil to be combined in a base solution. Tea tree oil is found in many skin care products but it can also be added to skin creams, overnight creams, potions, lotions and makeup to create a therapeutic blend.

For puffiness in the eye area, use a few drops of tea tree oil to your astringent and then with a cotton ball, apply on the skin surrounding the eye. You will find this an effective and safe way to reduce swelling and can even make your skin brighter. You can purchase tea tree oil extracts from any natural store near you.



Honey has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. This sweet and natural therapeutic food can be applied on the area surrounding the eye and around the face to reduce swelling, relieve inflammation and restore skin’s youthful glow. You can also add honey to other natural ingredients like milk and egg whites to create a natural, safe and effective skin care and eye care product.



Retinol has awesome properties to reduce signs of aging and remove skin imperfections like discoloration, acne marks and even dark circles in the eyes. Retinol is found in many skin products but it is also found in pure form. Retinol creams have different strengths, ask your dermatologist about using retinol for eye care.



There are many ways to remove puffy eyes without spending a lot. We have a collection of 47 techniques ranging from lifestyle hacks to remove swelling around the eye, the use of every day kitchen materials and the use of natural products. Using unlikely products such has spoons, teething toys and hemorrhoid creams were also discussed which means that there are basically many people looking for effective yet cheap ways to remove puffiness around the eyes. All these items listed won’t require you to spend a lot of money. We know how frustrating it could be to move from one product to another only to spend so much to remove skin conditions. Try each item on this list and see which one works for you.

Do you have a special trick to remove puffy eyes without spending too much money? Tell us about it in the commend section below. We love to hear from our readers and we value their opinion so much. And if you like this article, share it with someone who needs help removing tired and puffy eyes. Share it with people who you think deserves healthy – looking eyes today.