Is It Okay To Shave Your Face?

Have you ever thought of shaving your face? Facial hair is not just present in men actually, a large percentage of women have facial hair and it could be as worse as you can imagine. Some women grow lip hair (moustache), hair in between the eyebrows, chin hair and even hair near the ears that they would do anything to remove hair. And even with many hair removal alternatives, shaving may seem to be the easiest and the safest way to remove hair.

Hair removal for women is a very serious issue. In fact, women will do everything just to get unwanted hair removed. Removing leg hair is easy however, but facial hair could be a challenge. Why is this so? For one, hair found along the face is softer and skin here is far delicate than skin in any part of the body. You need a safe yet effective way to remove hair without the frills. Shaving could be the best option for you.

Yes, you can shave your face!

Yes, you can actually remove unwanted facial hair with shaving and even if it sounds weird, you don’t have to hide it. Shaving is actually preferred even by skin care experts because of the following reasons:

Shaving gives you maximum control, with the right type of razor/shaver

With the use of the right kind of shaver or razor, you will be able to remove hair easy and with full control. It won’t be as messy or as painful as using waxes or chemical hair removers and you won’t have to go to a spa or visit a salon. It could be a challenge to learn how to hold a razor or shaver for the first time however it is easy if you regularly do it. How to hold a shaver safely will be discussed later on.

Shaving won’t irritate skin compared to chemical or wax hair removal

Shavers used on the face only have a single blade and hence are less irritating to the skin. And compared to other hair removal methods like waxing and using chemical hair removals, shaving is pretty easy on skin.

Shaving can help exfoliate skin or remove dead skin

As you glide the razor over the skin to remove hair, you also remove a layer of skin which is usually composed of dry and even dead skin. In fact, a new procedure called dermaplaning is actually very similar to shaving or using a razor over the skin. Dermaplaning removes this ugly outer layer of skin to reveal healthier skin that can absorb products and skin treatments better.

Shaving can leave skin glowing and smooth

As you regularly shave your face, younger and glowing skin will surface which is smoother and younger-looking. Shaving lets you safely remove dead skin which could become the cause of breakouts like pimples, acne and blackheads. You will be less prone to having skin breakouts when you shave on a regular basis.

Shaving is cost-effective

Of all the ways to remove facial hair, shaving is definitely the most cost-effective. Ordinary razors meant for the face cost less than regular leg razors and cost a fraction of the price of a jar of wax or a tube of hair removal cream. In short, you can shave as much as you want and won’t have to hurt your budget at all.

You can shave as often as you like

With shaving, you can remove hair daily, every other day or twice a week. You can shave before you apply makeup or shave every morning. Hair won’t grow thicker or darker contrary to what people say. Hair will still grow with the same texture, color and rate; no need to worry about this at all.

So how do you safely shave your face?

Shaving the face is done similarly to shaving any part of the body but with a small amount of caution especially if you have never shaved facial hair before. But before you proceed, select the ideal razor to use for the face.

The ideal razor for the face is

  • Single-edge, single-blade
  • Must have a slope along the head to prevent cutting yourself
  • Must be curved razors
  • Must be easy to grip

Do not attempt to use a leg razor or a razor with multiple blades since these will only irritate skin. Remember that using two, three or more blades will only stretch and irritate skin causing it to itch and become inflamed. In short, save multiple bladed shavers for men.

You might be waiting for a few product recommendations like shaving creams and gels to go with shaving your face however you do not need to use any kind of product before you shave. You only need a moisturizer after you shave.

  1. Use a mirror to shave safely
  2. Hold the razor at 45 degrees against the skin with your dominant hand
  3. With the other hand, pull the skin taut
  4. Shave downwards using short strokes; be careful when shaving the neck or underneath the chin.
  5. Clean the razor after two to three strokes just by wiping it with a soft towel
  6. After shaving, moisturize using a natural product.

This may be repeated after two or three days or depending on hair growth rate. You may have noticed that skin on the face does not have to be wet during the procedure and there are no other steps to prepare skin. This is important, follow this routine very well and you will have unwanted hair removed and healthy, smooth and glowing skin just by shaving regularly.

Other tips for shaving and hair removal

Do not shave inflamed skin, open skin, skin with acne or pimples.

As you shave, avoid skin with acne and areas with breaks or cuts. Forgo shaving if you breakouts or currently recovering from acne or pimples.

Do not shave inflamed skin, open skin, skin with acne or pimples.

Take time to practice and get to know your razor really well before you proceed. Pick the best razor by holding different razors and finding gout which one will work for your needs.

Do not shave if you are not feeling well

Forgo shaving if you feel sick; you will only risk suffering from an accident because you can’t hold the shaver well

Use a natural moisturizer like skin care products with coconut oil or sunflower oil. Choose products well especially if you have sensitive skin.

Talk to a dermatologist or skin care expert regarding the right hair removal for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin or skin with breakouts.


Yes, skin on the face can be shaved. Women looking for a safe and effective way to remove hair on the face should trust only shaving because it is effective, safe and efficient. A special kind of razor is used for hair removal and that is just about it. There are no products used during facial hair removal only moisturizers to prevent dryness.

Do you have your own shaving tips and techniques? Let us know from the comment section down below. And if you like this article, share it with people who also need facial hair removal tips.