How To Maintain Beard Neckline? – Step By Step Guide

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We all know the fact that beards are the best part about a man’s face. They add a more manly and tough look to a man and let’s face it, men with beard appear more attractive than men with no beard. Its not that we are against the clean shaved men, some men just don’t look good with beards but as far as the majority is concerned, men with beards are the winners.

Looking handsome is not as easy it sounds to be and people have to put a lot of effort in order to pull a manly, handsome and decent look out of a beard. At first, growing a good beard is a struggle because there are times when you grow unequal patches and the beard just doesn’t come out properly and even if it does, maintaining it is equally hard. Also check our article on shaving neck before growing beard.

A Step By Step Guide To Maintaining Your Beard Neckline

If you are one of those people who are successful in growing a good and full beard then trust me, you are the luckiest. However, the struggle doesn’t end here and there is a lot more to be done.

You see, for maintaining a beard, one has to trim it properly, use beard oils and shampoos and above everything you have to cut down the stray hairs and make sure that every thing is equal when it comes to your beard. Now, the one major confusion that many men have is that whether they should have beard on their neck or not.

Well, honestly there is nothing to be confused about because it all depends on the shape of your face and your choice. If you are opting for a stubble then yes you can extend it to your neck for a rough, hot look but if you are planning to keep beard from a professional perspective then not letting beard grow on neck is suitable for you. Other thing that matters is your face shape. Every face shapes has different beard requirements.However, a fading beard neckline is the best option for you if you still cannot decide.

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Today in this article we are going to jot down and explain that how exactly can you maintain a beard neckline. You see growing beard is definitely a time taking and tough task but once you have it, you need to shift all your focus on maintaining it. Here is how you can trim and fade your beard neckline:

Where to Trim Your Beard Neckline

A question that everyone asks is that which is the best perfect point for a beard neckline and again, its all on you and how you want it to be. Firstly, imagine a very light curved line that comes from right behind your earlobes and goes under your jawline. Stop at the angle where the underside of your jaw below your chin meets your neck.

This line will be very close to the top of your Adam’s apple. That exact point is your neckline. Now imagine two vertical lines on both sides of your face that are perpendicular and follow the outer edge of your sideburns down towards your neckline.

This will ultimately create corners of your neckline, make those corners round in order to give yourself a natural look. Now shave off everything under your neckline in order to pull off a good and handsome look out of your beard. You can also try the two finger method in order to identify your beard neckline. Here is what the two finger method is:

Two Finger Method

It is also known as the double chin method, you simply have to stack the middle finger and the index finger right above your Adam’s apple. Right above that will be your neckline. This method is quite useful for identifying your neck line and you should only opt for it if you are not getting that where should you begin in the first place.

Above we have mentioned the proper way to identify the neckline of your beard. However, this isn’t it and you should always make sure that your neckline is also trimmed and kept clean. It can actually make or break the overall impression of your beard so be very careful with that.

Now, if you genuinely want to have a beard that makes you look attractive and hot then you need to make sure that you are leaving no stone unturned with the efforts and the struggle. Done with growing and trimming your beard? Now you have to buy yourself some sort of moisturizer in order to keep your beard soft and shiny.

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