How To Make Your Beard Like Dan Bilzerian

How To Make Your Beard Like Dan Bilzerian

Here we have shared an amazing article on making your beard like Dan Bilzerian.

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It is no secret that a beard is captivating. It is a symbol of masculinity, confidence, wisdom, and strength. Women find them attractive too. Beards have the ability to upgrade your personality and style from 0 to 100. In a nutshell, nothing quite says ‘I’m a man’ like a beard. A beard allows a man to acquire a level of sophistication, while also giving him a rebellious flare. It will certainly help to grow a beard if you have a baby face or double chin that you would like to overlook.

To achieve a more mature look, you have to try growing a beard. If you are having trouble growing a beard, or if your beard is not as full and lush as you would like, it can be frustrating. But do not lose hope, there are ways for you to improvise.

Some men simply can not grow beards, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is not abnormal. Start small, do not expect to grow a Gandalf-length beard in a month.

Whether you have a grown beard that requires grooming, or you are an aspiring beard grower, we have solutions to help you face your problem head on so you can rise up victoriously with the beard of your dreams.

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How To Make Your Beard Like Dan Bilzerian – Step By Step Guide

The Dan Bilzerian beard exudes no shortage of manliness. The chopped-look is what distinguishes the Bilzerian beard from ordinary ones. Dan Bilzerian is increasingly becoming known for his style.  The beauty of his beard style is that it is actually relatively simple but can be easily modified with a few simple adjustments here and there, to create a variety of looks. Wolverine is an amazing example of having a perfect beard.

His classic style can be read as edgy with just a few minor tweaks, proving that the typical full beard with a mustache opens a window of opportunities.

The sleekness of his neatly trimmed full beard and his hair creates a look that is edgy but still wearable. That is why the Bilzerian beard has blossomed in popularity and earned icon status. If you want to use his suave style to inspire your own look, keep reading to find out how you can grow and groom a stellar beard.

With a full beard like Bilzerian’s, it is undebatable that you will need to grow a full beard of your own to get started. The key to achieving your dream beard begins with channeling the will to grow a beard, and making a commitment to the growing process. Time is perhaps your closest ally when it comes to beard growth. So is patience. If you can give your beard time to grow and practice patience, you will be amazed at the results.

Never give up on your beard after a few weeks just because it is patchy or scraggly, impatience has claimed the lives of too many promising beards. You have to let your beard grow for a least four weeks before you can truly evaluate its status.

In this article, we will provide you with a 1 month plan to grow your dream beard. That is all we ask, 1 month to unlock the full potential of your beard.

Week 1: Health care

Can you eat your way to an epic beard? You sure can! We all know how our bodies benefit from a healthy diet. Did you know that it also has a positive impact on facial hair? So before you dig into that greasy and fat-filled burger, think about your beard too. It needs you to be healthy so it can be healthy, too.

Men who eat healthier foods tend to lose weight or easily maintain a weight that is healthy for them. And losing weight boosts testosterone, the male hormone that has a major impact on facial hair growth. This is a rather unpopular fact, but it is true nevertheless. It is important to note that you need to continue the eating habits of week 1, throughout your life. You can not expect a healthy beard if you eat healthy only for a week.

Step 1

Start eating foods that are rich in protein. Protein is most important because hair is mainly composed of keratin, a type of protein consisting of amino acids. We can not produce keratin on our own, so we need to get it from our diet – from foods such as fish, lean meats, poultry, eggs, legumes, rice, and beans.

Step 2

Get your vitamin intake! There are certain vitamins that help your body, as well as aid in facial hair growth.

  • Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene: These vitamins help repair skin tissue, which paves the way to better hair growth. Foods like carrots, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach are loaded with Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene.
  • Vitamin C and E: These vitamins boost sebum, which is a natural oil produced by humans which can fasten hair growth and make it thicker. They are found in citrus fruits, green peppers, broccoli, almonds, peanut butter, spinach, mangoes and sunflower seeds.
  • Vitamin B, B5, B6, B12 and Biotin: These are some of the B vitamins known to help reverse hair loss. B vitamins are essential micronutrients that ensure optimal health and healthy hair growth. They can be found in foods such as fish, poultry, nuts, brown rice, eggs, oatmeal, and wheat germs.

Step 3

Getting enough sleep and exercising is crucial to your wellbeing. Exercise and stress-relief are great ways to improve hair growth, they go hand in hand because exercise helps relieve stress. When you are stressed, your body produces stress hormones called cortisone which can lead to hair loss. So get a good night of sleep, and head to the gym regularly!

Week 2: Welcoming the beard

Step 1

You need to switch up your skincare routine. Washing your face twice a day is an absolute must, the use of a eucalyptus product will help immensely because eucalyptus promotes facial hair growth.

Step 2

Make it a habit to exfoliate once a week. This will remove dead skin cells and stop the growth of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is a killer for healthy beards.

Step 3

Start oiling your beard area for 15-20 minutes once a week. This will feel weird the first time you do it, but it nourishes your facial hair. You can use beard oil or regular amla oil.

Week 3: Let it grow

Step 1

At this point you will have a better idea of the texture of your facial hair and the shape of your beard. It will be thick in some places and patchy in others. Growth is still the priority, so do not start trimming just yet and resist the urge to cleanup.

Step 2

You may experience some itching at this stage, this is due to ingrown hair. It you start itching compulsively, the hair will start to fall out and that will disrupt the growth of your beard. Exfoliation is the only way you can decrease the ingrown hairs.

Week 4: Shaping

Step 1

First you need to determine if you are eligible to jump on the shaping bandwagon. If your facial hair has grown in fully, including your mustache, you are good to go. If not, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone’s facial hair does not grow at the same rate, so just hang in there for a week longer before you start shaping.

Step 2

Understand the shape you are going for. In this case, the Bilzerian beard is one which does not require any superhuman skills to attain. The steps for shaping are as follows:

  1. Comb your hair gently with a beard comb
  2. Grab your beard clipper, set it to the lowest setting to avoid any mistakes. Go over the beginning of your beard starting below the cheeks and your temple, check to make sure both sides are equal.
  3. To achieve the chopped look, grab your scissors and carefully trim the outer hairs of your beard, down until your chin.
  4. With a regular razor, shave off any excess or out of place hairs for a clean look. Voila! You are all done.

Now that you are a member of the beard club, we must let you in on a little secret. There is an array of products that claim to help with the growth of facial hair, but only a select few of those products actually work. There is one product in particular that seems to be doing really well. If you are interested to up your beard game, read on:

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

At this point, maybe your beard could put Bilzerian’s to shame! Remember to stay consistent with the maintenance of your beard and do not drift away from the healthy lifestyle. Here’s to mighty beards!