Are There Natural Remedies for Sagging Face at 40?

In your 40s and looking for skin sagging remedies? If you are in your 40s and you are looking for treatments and remedies to repair sagging skin then there’s good news. You are not alone. There are millions of 40s men and women just like you, looking for safe and effective treatments to stop the hands of time. However, the question still prevails: is it too young or too late to start skin sagging remedies when you are at your 40s?

40 is definitely a good number, a midpoint between being a young adult and a senior. But as early as 40 years of age, the body has started showing signs of aging. Men and women start to have thinning hair; women start to develop symptoms of menopause while men start to experience signs of memory loss, vision changes and more. The skin in both males and females start to lose their elasticity making them prone to dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and more. Sagging skin is also evident especially in women who have reached 40. Sagging skin is not just seen on the face but it is also in the skin of the upper arms, neck, breasts and midsection.

Sagging skin is a natural part of aging however it is not as welcome sign. Men and women often go in such great lengths just to try to remove sagging skin. We have twenty of the best of the best sagging skin remedies for you and if you are at your 40s, don’t despair. This is not the end of the line for you. If you have not considered using treatments or starting any skin care remedy to reduce sagging skin then you can still have younger-looking, firmer and healthier skin just by following these cool tips.

Natural remedies for sagging face at 40 – what are the best tips?

Natural sagging skin techniques

Dry brush sagging skin away

You may have never heard about dry brushing but it has been used for centuries. In fact, it was first used in the Middle East in revitalizing the skin and removing dead skin. Dry brushing is exactly what it is: brushing the skin while it is still dry. It will remove dead skin cells, revitalize blood flow and remove wastes via the lymphatic system.

The secret is gently but steadily brushing skin from the distal parts going to the heart using a natural brush. So from the toes of the feet and the fingers towards the heart in one sweeping action. Here is a step- by-step guide on how to perform dry brushing:

  • Prepare your dry brush and your moisturizer. You will be brushing before you take a bath.
  • While inside the shower stall or in the tub, start brushing away
  • Begin with brushing from the toes towards the knees, hips and towards the heart; repeat this at least 15 times
  • Next brush from the fingers to the elbows to the shoulders, repeat this at least 15 minutes
  • Next brush your back from the hips to the shoulders. A good and long brush would be good at this.
  • Next brush the abdomen and chest with circular strokes.
  • Use a smaller brush to brush the neck and the face. Use small circular strokes to gently massage the area. Take note of sagging skin along the neck, eyes and the cheeks.
  • After dry brushing, take your bath preferably bathing in lukewarm water. Use a mild soap or cleanser.
  • Immediately after your bath, use a moisturizer all over the body to lock in moisture.
  • You must dry brush every day preferably before going to bed. However, you may also dry brush in the morning before your morning shower.

Do not dry brush if you have open wounds, cuts, scratches and acne. Do not dry brush if you feel pain on the area.

Castor oil

Castor oil contains awesome amounts of moisturizing chemicals that will not just make skin soft but will also remove ugly lines and sagging skin. The trick is to apply castor oil regularly for it to take effect. Castor oil has a natural lubricating effect that can tighten sagging ski. When used daily, skin will look clearer, with fine lines and sagging greatly diminished and ugly uneven areas will be greatly removed.

Castor oil is readily available everywhere and you can start this treatment remedy as soon as possible. Here are some useful tips:

  • For sagging skin along the eye area and face, apply castor oil using your fingertips in a circular motion. This movement helps distribute castor oil along the skin folds.
  • For sagging skin along the neck, use the fingers and thumb to apply castor oil in an upward manner from the throat towards the chin. Do not press on the skin hard; just gently move the oil from the bottom to the top part of the neck.
  • For sagging arms and legs, use castor oil liberally while massaging the oil from the most distal part going to the torso.

Repeat this procedure at least once a day to rejuvenate tired, ugly and sagging skin with castor oil.

Revitalizing rice mask

Rice is course and perfect for dry and sagging skin. It will gently exfoliate skin to reveal tighter, younger and healthier skin. Rice is also perfect for removing dead skin and polishing skin, removing blemishes and getting rid of deep-seated dirt. You must combine rice with other natural ingredients to work.

  • Combine two tablespoons of rice and a cup of yoghurt. Add honey to help reduce inflammation and improve skin tone.
  • Mix all the ingredients together to form a thick paste.
  • Wash your face and neck using mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Apply the rice mask on the face and neck. Make sure you cover the areas where you find obvious sagging
  • Use soft, circular strokes when applying the rice mask. Allow the mask to set for at least 30 minutes and then remove with the use of a clean soft cloth.
  • Wash the face completely with lukewarm water and mild soap.


Coffee and honey face mask

Don’t throw away those coffee grounds yet, use these to make a face mask with is equally effective in removing sagging skin. The reason why coffee is great in removing skin sagging, wrinkles and fine lines is because it contains antioxidants and natural chemicals that can help rejuvenate skin. Coffee can be combined with other amazing ingredients like honey, yoghurt or whole milk for a tighter, younger-looking skin that will make you look good inside and out.

  • Use coffee grounds for this treatment. After brewing coffee, save the coffee grounds.
  • Place a few tablespoons of coffee grounds in a small bowl together with a teaspoon of honey. Mix the two ingredients together to form a paste.
  • Take a small amount of coffee and honey mixture, use your fingers to apply the mixture on the sagging areas of the face and neck.
  • Use your fingers to massage the mixture on skin. Do not press too hard especially along the eye area.
  • Allow the mask to remain the area for at least 30 minutes. You will notice a tight feeling along the neck and sides of the face as well as on the forehead.
  • Remove the mask with a soft clean towel and then wash face with lukewarm water and mild soap. Repeat this treatment for at least twice or thrice a week.


Egg white

Egg whites contain massive amounts of nutrients that will help rejuvenate skin, pull loose skin and leave skin younger-looking. An egg white treatment can be used as a sticky yet effective face mask or combined with other ingredients to form a scrub. Here is how you do it.

  • Get one whole egg, separate the white from the yellow part of the egg and then discard the yellow.
  • Beat the white to form a frothy liquid.
  • Take a handful of the liquid and spread over newly-washed face and neck.
  • Allow the egg white face mask to remain on the face for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Remove the egg white face mask using a soft clean cloth or paper towel
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Repeat this treatment once or twice a week. You may add other ingredients like honey, whole milk or yoghurt to make a smooth and thick paste that is twice effective in rejuvenating sagging skin.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is possibly one of the most widely used natural products in skin and hair care, in food items and in medications. By-products of the coconut are present in almost every kind of food and drink and in kitchen cleaning aids as well. The reason behind the popularity of the coconut is that it is able to rejuvenate tired, old and blemished skin and of course get rid of those embarrassing sagging skin on the neck and face. And even if it is found in many skin care products, it can be used on its own.

You will find coconut oil very handy to use because it is light and easy on the skin. Once you apply coconut oil you will find skin nourished and supple in just a few minutes without the extra sheen and icky feeling. Coco oil is also readily available in most natural stores and shops and is perfect for all kinds of skin even sensitive skin.

Here are ways how to use coconut oil, these three are the most popular in removing sagging skin on face and neck.

  • Use coconut oil as moisturizer. Heat a few drops of virgin coconut oil in a small pan in the middle of a hot water bath. Once oil is warm enough, take a few drops and apply on the sagging area. Use upward motions to apply coconut oil on the neck while apply the oil using small circular strokes over the eye area and the cheeks. Leave the oil on the skin for at least 30 minutes. You may leave it longer or just remove it with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Add coconut oil to skin care or hair care products. Use virgin coconut oil, add a few drops of VCO in your favorite product and stir or shake it well. Use it like you would your regular facial wash, face cream.
  • Add milk, ground almonds or yoghurt to coconut oil to make a wonderful face mask. Mix the ingredients together and apply on skin using small circular strokes on the sagging area. You may also use this as an all-natural facial scrub.


Aloe Vera

Another wonderful plant is the aloe Vera and what makes it great is that it can be used on its own or its part of skin care and hair care products. Aloe Vera is versatile and very easy to use. The plant is very abundant and can grow in almost all climates so one plant in your backyard would surely suffice your skin care needs. You can use aloe Vera as a mask, as an ingredient in skin care products and more. It is easy to prepare a raw aloe plant.

  • Select a large aloe Vera leaf and wash it.
  • Cut the leaf to expose the gel. With a spoon, harvest the gel and place this in a small bowl.
  • Once the gel is in the bowl mash it with a fork.
  • Take a dollop of gel and place it on your face. Rub it gently on the sagging areas of the face and neck.
  • Let the gel harden like a face mask and remove after 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face afterwards and wipe with a clean towel or cloth.

You will notice that your skin feels and looks stretched as you remove aloe Vera gel. This is natural. After using this method for at least 4 weeks you will find sagging skin slowly disappearing and fine lines vanishing. Aloe Vera works great together with other remedies for sagging skin.


Olive oil

Olive oil works great in rejuvenating skin and removing ageing signs on skin. Olive oil is light and will be absorbed by the skin fast and therefore skin is moisturized fast. There are skin and hair care products enriched with olive oil and it can also be used on its own. Using olive oil for sagging skin is easy; all you need is to do the following

  • Heat a few teaspoons of oil in a small saucepan using a hot water bath.
  • Apply heated oil in the area where there is sagging and loose skin like the neck and cheeks. Apply oil using an upward motion.
  • Concentrate heated oil in one area by using a cotton ball dipped in oil. Place this on the area for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Place a few drops of olive oil, preferably virgin olive oil, in your favorite face cream, anti-aging cream or moisturizer. Apply liberally on skin. you can use olive oil daily because its light and gentle on skin. It can also be used by all skin types.
  • Olive oil with honey will work great as a face mask. Just add a few drops of oil in two tablespoons of honey and mix these well. Place this mixture all over the face and the neck area for about 30 minutes.  Wash face with lukewarm water and mild soap.



Lemons make excellent skin care treatments because of their high vitamin C content needed for healthy skin, hair and immune system. Lemons are also available all year long and are very easy to use. You can use lemon fortified skin care treatments like creams, lotions, potions and moisturizers. And of course you can use a fresh lemon for your treatments. Here are some great tips for you

  • Choose a ripe lemon with a soft skin. This means it has a lot of juice to give.
  • Cut it open and squeeze out the juice. Place this in a small bowl.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the juice directly over the affected area. As always use upward motions to apply anything on the neck and the cheeks. For the eyes, do not pull skin. Simply pat the area with the cotton ball soaked with lemon juice.
  • Add other natural ingredients for better and more improved skin care regimen. You may add yoghurt, oats and milk with lemon juice.



Cucumber hydrates and refreshes skin. It is another popular ingredient in skin care products including astringents, lotions, creams and more. Cucumber is also easy to use as a natural skin care regimen and it takes only a few steps to do it.

  • Cut cucumber into small pieces and place it over the eye area. This will help reduce swelling ASAP.
  • Place cucumber in a blender or food processor and puree it. Use this as a natural mask to refresh and moisturize skin. It is definitely effective in rejuvenating skin and therefore it can help remove sagging skin in no time. Apply like a face mask and let it stay on the face and neck for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wash the pureed cucumber from your face using mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Use cucumber juice as an astringent. Apply on the area where there is sagging and changes in skin quality. Apply cucumber on face and neck every day and watch as sagging and dryness disappears or lighten in just a few days.


Rose water

Rose water is water or extract made from rose petals. This is rich in nutrients that can help rejuvenate skin and remove sagging skin in no time. Rose water is very easy to use and even very easy to make. Just boil a few rose petals in a cup or two of water. After the water has boiled, turn off the heat and cool it. Remove all the petals and place remaining water in a small bottle. Rose water can help reduce inflammation and improve skin tone. Use rose water by:

  • Use a cotton ball to apply rose water on skin. Apply it on the neck using soft upward motions.
  • Use cotton ball with rose water on puffy skin around the eyes by gently patting the area. Do not exert much force or pull the skin as you move the cotton ball.
  • Use rose water as an astringent. Place rose water in a small bottle and refrigerate it. Use it to clean skin or remove makeup.



Cinnamon has wonderful properties that can remove skin sagging in no time. It can stimulate collagen production and help improve the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Cinnamon works best with turmeric for sagging skin and combining the two takes only a few steps.

  • Place two tablespoons of cinnamon and turmeric in a bowl. Mix these together using a spoon.
  • Add a small amount of water to the dry mixture and stir continuously to make a paste.
  • Wash your face and neck. Take a handful of the mixture and apply on the neck and the face like a face mask. Do not rub the area; just allow the mixture to penetrate the skin.
  • Place extra attention on the skin around the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines and the skin along the neck.
  • Remove the mixture after 30 minutes and then rinse the neck and face.



Strawberries contains high levels of vitamins and minerals that help improve skin health, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin in no time. Strawberries can be eaten to take advantage of its awesome skin care properties but you can also use it as a skin care regimen. Making a strawberry paste is easy and you only need to follow a few steps

  • Clean strawberries really well, remove the stems
  • Place the berries in a food processor or blender and blend it to make a paste.
  • You can use strawberries like a face mask or you can add whole milk or yoghurt to make strawberry cleanser.
  • Repeat this treatment at least twice a week. You can store your strawberry paste in the refrigerator to use for weeks.



There is no doubt that honey is one of Mother Nature’s amazing gifts. Not only is honey sweet but it also has anti-inflammatory properties and skin care benefits that you need to take advantage of right away. There are skin care products enriched with honey like creams, lotions and moisturizers however you can also use honey as it is

  • Add honey to your favorite body wash to create a sweet and therapeutic mixture ready to remove sagging skin not just on the neck and face.
  • Use honey, oats and whole milk to create a face mask which can remove sagging skin when used at least one to two weeks.
  • Use honey and yoghurt to create a cleaner. Remember to avoid pulling the skin around the eye because this part is very sensitive.


Fuller’s Earth

This is a skin care regimen that has been used for centuries. Fuller’s earth is material similar to clay in consistency which can help remove dirt, sweat, grime, oils and deep-seated toxins from the skin and thus creating skin that will be more sensitive to skin care products. Fuller’s earth is all natural so there is no need to worry about skin irritation. You can mix a little bit of Fuller’s earth with water to create a paste and use it as a face mask. You will be able to find Fuller’s earth in natural health stores near you.


Lifestyle changes

Stop smoking

Quitting smoking takes guts and the rewards are awesome. Your immune system will improve, your lung capacity will greatly improve after a few weeks and your cardiovascular system also improves. Got fine lines and sagging skin? Right after you quit smoking, your skin and hair will gradually improve in just a few days. You will find your sagging skin tighter and fine lines vanishing.


Avoid alcohol

Just like stopping smoking, quitting alcohol is tough but definitely bearable. You will have improved skin quality, better immune system health and improved overall health when you stop drinking alcohol. If you are interested in quitting alcohol or smoking, talk to your doctor.      There is no better time to quit than today.


Avoid stress

Stress damages the skin, mucous membranes and can wreak havoc on the many systems of the body. You must learn to identify what stresses you out and find ways to deal with stress. First you can attend a focus group to manage stress and anxiety. You can also perform different activities to help you deal with stress like yoga, exercise, fitness activities, outdoor activities and more. You can talk to friends, join social groups and connect with people that have the same condition as yours. Finally learn how to avoid stress at work, at home or in school. Doing all these can help you improve skin quality and remove sagging skin in no time.


Get a massage

The fine lines on the face as well as sagging skin along the neck are sensitive areas and need careful handling. Do not pull or rub the area to avoid further damaging the skin. One of the good ways to improve circulation in the area and to improve skin quality is to get a massage. A massage from a professional therapist can help improve skin quality and bring back that natural appearance of skin. A therapist might use a variety of techniques and even use natural oils to massage the part. And of course, don’t forget the stress relieving benefits of massages.



Skin sagging is eminent as you begin to age. 40 is the most common decade where the initial signs of aging appear and skin conditions like sagging are very common. Skin sagging can be due to many reasons and aging is the most common culprit.  And luckily for people who are in their 40s there are many natural skin care techniques that can help improve the appearance of skin sagging. There are natural skin care regimens and lifestyle changes to help improve skin quality.

Natural sagging skin remedies include the use of natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil while lifestyle techniques include managing stress and quitting smoking and alcohol. And with true diligence and a lot of patience, you won’t have to worry about skin sagging anymore when you find a technique that works with you.

Yes there are many skin care products and anti-aging regimens in the market however; using natural skin sagging strategies will remove skin sagging, wrinkles and fine lines safely and effectively. With countless medical and surgical techniques to correct skin appearance, it is still far too risky to use these strategies. Setting on natural remedies is still a better and safer choice.

If you have worries and questions about skin care for sagging skin and questions as to what skin care regimen is for you, talk to your dermatologist or skin care specialist. A specialist will create a more appropriate skin care regimen and provide a safe and effective management plan to get you that younger and more vibrant skin in no time.

Do you have ideas on how to remove skin sagging? Let us know from the comments section below. And if you like our article, share this to people who you think deserve healthy, younger-looking skin now.