When Should I Start Using an Eye Cream?

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Do you feel like your eyes look dull? Or are your eye bags are starting to look dominant due to  your stressful workload and tiring days at your job? It could be a sign of unhealthy eye skin, and that’s one thing that can really make you unattractive indeed. Gladly, an eye cream is known to be one of the most useful products out there that serves as and excellent solution in preventing and old-looking eye area on your face. Eye creams serve as one of the top beauty products that women consider as must-haves, and you will learn how to properly use it in this article.






Benefits of Using Eye Cream

First of all, you should learn how eye creams exactly are in terms of its benefits. In this way, you will learn further how useful the product can be. Here are the following benefits:


For a Fair Skin

Not all skins are created equal. That also means there are some skins that are prone to dryness at a quicker rate than the others. There are also some skins around the eye area that might appear to be thinner than other people as well. If you happen to have an skin around the eye that looks thin and dry, there is a chance where the skin around your eyes can become more prone to damage. That’s why the help of eye creams are excellent in giving you a fairer skin.


Promotes Skin Cell Recovery

Over time, the eyes get damaged. These damages around the eye’s skin area are often called as wrinkles and eyebags, and for sure you hate to see those. However, pollution, stress and fatigue can cause these to appear on our eyes as these three harmful factors can affect the way our body recovers. But with the help of the eye cream’s active ingredients and healthy fibers, your skin cells around the eye will regenerate at a stronger rate than usual so then it can counter the effects of our harsh modern environment. Thus, it will grant you a good looking skin.


Hydrates the Skin

Since the skin around the eyes will look dehydrated due to the harmful factors in our environment, wrinkles will usually form around the eye. Thus, it will make you look older. The help of these eye creams can provide you a better way to re-hydrate your skin as it provides nourishment to the skin around your eyes. In this way, you will be able to eliminate any complexion tha may make you feel too insecure.


When to Use It?

The product can actually be used during the day and the night. The procedures appear to be completely the same if you plan on applying it during the day and the night. During the daytime, make sure that you apply the eye cream right after you take a bath. Applying the cream during this time is excellent for providing you a good looking eye before you go out. If you’re still new in using the product, remember to follow the do’s and don’ts as you need to strictly follow it once you apply some makeup.

As for the evening usage, just be sure to apply it before you go to sleep. It’s pretty much like applying some evening lotion on your skin before you go to bed. The effectiveness of the eye cream is excellent during the evening as it can provide a boost on the regeneration process of the skin cells. Together with the potent ingredients of the eye cream, expect that you will gain a faster skin cell recovery once you use it during the evening. For better results, just apply the product during both day and night, or at least make sure that your day won’t pass without applying eye cream for better results.

You Can Apply It With Make Up

If you’re going to apply some of the product before you wear some make up. Be sure to properly apply the eye cream first before you place the make up. Be sure to leave the cream for a few minutes first for your skin to absorb it, and then apply the makeup next once the cream is unnoticeable. In this way, you will be able to get a better appearance once it’s time to apply your makeup.


The Right Ways to Apply It

Now that you know what are the benefits of the product, it’s time for you to learn what are the right ways for you to apply the eye creams to ensure you a better look. Here are the following:

  • Tap and Massage – Apply the cream by gently tapping and patting it, creating spoits around the eyes. Afterwards, do a soft massage in order to spread it. Do light strokes or simply use a cotton round to spread the cream all over your eyes.
  • Give It Some Time – Next is to leave the eye cream around your eyes for more than one minute. The help of this waiting time is to allow your skin to absorb the nutrients that are present in the solution that you just applied. Make sure to do this step before you apply makeup as neglecting this step will cause caking around your eyes.


The Wrong Steps

There are also some steps that you should avoid at all times as it will cause trouble on your looks, especailly if you’re going to apply the eye cream for the daytime. Here are the don’ts of using the eye cream:

  • Pulling at Your Skin – Always avoid pulling or stretching the area where the cream is being applied. There are a lot of dermatologists who say that the wrong application is done when the skins on the eye area are stretching as you rub the cream. That’s why it’s advisable to do gentle taps, pats and massages.
  • Putting Too Much – Never apply too much of the eye cream. It’s always important to place an ample amount of the cream on your eyes during the day and night. Applying too much of the cream isn’t meant for better results. In fact, it will make the skin around your eyes irritated. Thus, you might feel tempted to rub your eyes from time to time, and that could cause consequences on your eyes as well.
  • Applying it Near the Eye – Always remember to apply a dab of the cream half an inch under and above your eyes.


For Healthier Looking Eyes

The eyes are known to be one of the features on our face that’s most noticeable. In fact, it’s one of the defining features of beauty. That’s why you must always learn how to apply some eye cream when needed be. Note that the following are the right times to use the product:

  • During the daytime when you go out.
  • During the nighttime before you go to sleep.
  • If you’re going to apply some makeup for better results on your looks.

Now that you know when is the best time to apply these eye cream, you should be aware that now is also the best time to purchase the product. Simply visit the online stores for you to get the finest eye cream such as this, and expect that you will gain a better look for the long term. If you still have questions that are unanswered when it comes to when, why or how you should apply an eye cream, feel free to leave a comment below and we will answer right away.





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