Does Stress Contribute to Skin Aging?

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Stress is truly one of the most damaging factors that can affect our own health. Stress is often linked towards free radical production in our bodies, causing it to destroy the human cells which creates all of the components that our body needs. Thus, stress is known to be capable of causing damage to our skin cells as well. As a result, it can cause aging to our skin as it goes dry and damaged. That’s why the damaging results of stress can definitely lead towards skin aging, as well as links to various types of diseases, too.


How to Avoid Stress?



Gladly, there are many ways for you to get rid of stress so then you can have a calm mind, as well as get your skin cells restored to prevent further aging. Removing stress may not reverse the effects of aging, but at lease it can slow down skin aging as you try the different methods on how to make your skin look younger. Here are the steps to avoid stress:


Simply Change your Perceptions

Your body has a mechanism that’s designed to respond quickly to events that are deemed to be dangerous or “urgent” for your own needs. This reaction causes your heart to beat stronger, your muscles to get tense, and your pulse to be quicker. Stressful events where you need to do something “urgent” to avoid “dangerous” scenarios, even if it’s not life-threatening, can cause these factors. But what made it worse is the fact that it can stay for long especially if you didn’t accomplish the task that stresses you out. If this happens, your body will weaken as more energy will be wasted to stress. So just keep a calm demeanor, and never let the stress stay in your head for long. Remember: stress can cause unclear decisions that might worsen your problem.


Clean up your Room or House

Cleaning has been proven to be capable of getting rid of stress as it has something to do with the reward system in our brains. Accomplishing this simple task can actually make you feel like you’ve done something better, and that can be enough to lessen your stress to prepare for the other things that trouble you. It’s also a well known fact that your stressed characteristic is often based on the appearance of your room if it’s dirty or not. So make sure that you clean up your stuff, remove those dust away, and mop the floor until it becomes shiny and flawlessly clean.



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Most people who are already stressed at work are not fond of exercise at all. Believe it or not, most people who can handle hard tasks and leave work without any stress at most times are those who have a better lifestyle. So if you’re the type of person who’s too stressed, and don’t exercise enough, make sure that you do so. Exercising can always provide you hormones that can give you a more positive mindset, and this is a proven fact for many years already. So start going active and sweat all those out. Also, stress can be eliminated by pushing yourself hard through exercise, too.


Eating Healthy

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If you’re a healthy eater, you will be able to eliminate stress. An unhealthy set of food everyday can cause your brain and body to function lousily, causing you to get more stressed if you have a hard task or problem to solve. Some foods that are rich in nutrients are not just great for keeping your skin smooth and nourished. These nutritious foods are known to provide you the right nutrition to make your brain and bodu function better.



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A few minutes of meditation can always keep your mind free from anxiety. Researchers have suggested that daily meditation can alter the pathways of the brain so then it can toughen your mind when it comes to stressful situations. Also, meditation can give you a good time to evaluate yourself, as well as your flaws and mistakes from the past so then you can think well in the future.

To meditate, simply sit straight with your feet on the floor before you close your eyes. Think about the things that you need to evaluate, and then focus on being more peaceful next. Place one hand on your stomach, and do some deep breathing. While doing so, remove all thoughts that might distract your mind. Doing this daily during the morning or evening can help you think clearly. Also, yoga is another form of meditation that can be more beneficial for the body, not just the mind.


Simply Stop and Breathe Deeply

Sometimes, stopping for a few minutes just to relax for a while can ease your mind from being all stressed out. All you need is just 5 to 10 minutes of relieving yourself from stress, and just focus on breathing. Sit up straight like the meditative pose that you can do on the previous tip, and then inhale until you feel your breath in the abdomen while it goes to the top of your head. Afterwards, exhale slowly. Researchers have concluded that deep breathing can remove stress as it slows down the heart rate, as well as lowering blood pressure.


Listening to Music

A little bit of your favorite songs can actually be good for your own mind. Stress can easily be eliminated through the use of songs that you prefer to hear. It’s a well known fact that some songs can even inspire you do so something as you listen to it while doing work. Thus, you can safely say that music can really “touch your soul” to the point where it can even clear your mind out. Meditating with music can also boost the activity for better effects in your mind.



Some people who tend to get more stressed are those who don’t have someone to talk to. Socializing is one of the most important things that this world has to offer because we can learn from others who are better than us. You just have to stay humble. So even if you have gained too much trust issues from peers who betrayed you, or if you don’t want to talk to people who aren’t fit to be in your social circle, you should at least find a way to socialize.

Also, we are not talking about chatting using Facebook here. You must talk to someone verbally. You can use your phone. But it’s actually better to go outside to meet up with others. It’s a good way to have genuine laughter, or if you want to tell all your problems to a dear friend of yours.



Stress may be inevitable, but at least you can always find ways in order to eliminate it. We do hope that you learned a lot in this article on how to eliminate stress as it’s a factor that must be reversed at all times. Remember: stress is also a known factor that can cause our decisions to go terrible as it hinders us from thinking clearly. That’s why you must always remember that stress shouldn’t remain long in our bodies. At least let it stay there for a bit, and then find a good way to remove it in your system for good. If you want to learn more about stress elimination, always feel free to leave a comment so then we can help you further.