How To Trim Beard and Mustache With Scissors

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The secret behind a healthy beard is to give it a good trim every now and again.

Step By Step Guide To Trim Beard and Mustache With Scissors

The scissors (sometimes called as shears) can trim a beard at any length. Moreover, they ultimately gives you much more control than a trimmer. Just follow the simple steps to have a great looking beard:

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Take a Shower before Trimming with Scissors

Take a Shower before Trimming with Scissors

The first step to trim a beard and mustache with scissors is to take a shower. This is really important before a pair of scissors come in contact with your beard. This is because when you take a shower beforehand, you beard will become clean. It will be free of any sort of natural pollutants that may have trapped in throughout the day.

Moreover, if you regularly use a beard balm or mustache wax, you should definitely make a good job washing so that no beeswax remains. Try to check out a good quality beard shampoo to get the job done.

Now the only thing after trimming your beard is a lopsided look!

Understanding the Right Tools for the Job

Understanding the Right Tools for the Job

The next step is to understand the right tools for trimming beard. If you have a beard that is greater than an inch, try to use the scissors because it is going to be the best tool for the job. If it is shorter than an inch in length, then use a beard trimmer. It will be a better choice!

Be careful while using scissors. The quality of scissors should be nice. Do not rely on a multi-use scissors like Fiskars. Never use a scissor that your mom likely uses for cutting wrapping paper on the holidays. If you are going to use a scissor for the very first time, then go for a shorter length. This is because it will be much easier to handle as compared to a full sized shear that your barber may use. Moreover, you can also pick up a quality comb as well. Try to use a Kent comb.

They are really great due to the width between the teeth in their combs. Kent comb is also very important for a couple of reasons including they are saw cut and hand polished. Just keep in mind that a saw cut comb is very sturdy. It is not too flimsy when combing your beard.

Comb Your Beard Up Then Down To Get an Idea of Growth

Comb Your Beard Up Then Down To Get an Idea of Growth

At the time of trimming your beard, comb your beard up then down to get an idea of growth. This will help you to understand how your hair has already grown in. You can also know which areas are too full and which sides should be reduced accordingly.

When Trimming Your Beard – Start From the Bottom First

When Trimming Your Beard – Start From the Bottom First

After all above steps i-e taking a shower, using the right tools, combing the beard, the next step is to start trimming your beard. To get this job done, think of a style in mind. Nowadays, there are many popular styles of beard among men. One of the most simple but popular beard style is to just simply go along with your jaw line.

For the very first time of trimming beard, this beard style is highly recommended. This is because this style is somewhat conservative as well as easy to follow. Now start trimming you beard. Make some cuts. Start from your chin first. This will be easy as well as look good. For a closer beard length for example 1″, keep in mind that your cheeks and neck area should be substantially shorter than 1″.

It is not going to be done in just one day!

Moreover, the most important point while trimming your beard is that it will not be done in a single day. You have to clean up your beard once every couple of days. This will really shape your beard good. After trimming the beard along your chin, it is time to go to the next step.

It is Important to Clean up your sides as your Beard is Growing in

It is Important to Clean up your sides as your Beard is Growing in

Once you have trimmed your beard for the first time, try to clean up your sides as your beard is growing in order to offset the longer chin hairs. In this way, your beard will get a style and it will look more good and attractive.

Cleaning Up the Neck Area

While trimming beard, the neck area should be clean. This is really important after you have cleaned the sides. Otherwise, this mismatch will look odd as well as sloppy.

Be Sure To Cut Upwards As Well

Be sure to cut your beard from upward as well. This will give your beard a more natural look rather than straight cut beard.

It is a Process That Goes on for Several Days

Keep in mind that trimming your beard is not a task of one day. It may take several days. You have to clean it and cut according just to make it look better. This will also allow you to fine tune you look. There are many other ways to make your beard look good.

There are men in the world who have grow good facial hair but just because they fail to maintain it, there beard starts looking messy and rough which is obviously very unattractive. However, you now no longer have to worry because there are now various products that can help your beard look good and grow good. These products include, beard oils, shampoos, conditioners, combs and even good trimmers.

Just like your scalp hair needs to get washed and shampooed every now and then, your beard also needs to get washed properly with shampoos and conditioners so make sure you have one for your beard too. We are now going to tell you about a secret beard oil that can make your beard look and feel very smooth and clear.  So, folks, here it is:

Baron Bergamot and Orange – Beard Growth Oil

Baron Bergamot and Orange - Beard Growth Oil

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Yes, your beard hair will no longer look like a rough mess in fact with the Baron Bergamot and Orange oil you will have no itching or irriation issues with your beard just because it won’t stay dry or rough by the use of this oil. If you are someone who wants a quality product then we suggest you to spend a dollars on this amazing beard oil because you will surely fall in love with the results. One thing about this oil is that it takes time to produce results just like any good beard oil does, so, don’t expect or rush to see the effectiveness of this product. Wait for atleast 2 weeks and then decide it for youself, whether you love it or not. So, now it’s time for you to keep your beard professional and clean every time.