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What are the Differences Between Setting, Finishing and HD Powder?


Have you ever wondered how makeup artists create a clean and fresh look using makeup? It is no secret that makeup artists and professionals use a combination of powders to create that even and clean look. There are actually three types of powders in makeup and each one has its own special use. Anyone who would like to create that perfect matte look and reduce imperfections before makeup should have a clear understanding of what setting powder, finishing powder and HD powder is.

Setting powder, finishing powder and HD powder are all prerequisites to makeup. Each one has a special role to play in creating the perfect face.

Setting powder

Lovely Skin has a good explanation about the differences between setting, finishing and HD powders (http://www.lovelyskin.com/blog/p/everything-about-finishing-setting-and-hd-powders- ). Setting powder is the first type of makeup powder to use. It is the first powder right after foundation is set so that the look of the face can be locked in. setting powders are available either lose or pressed and also in tinted and translucent form. Of the three, setting powder is the most important since it mattifies the look and is used in under-eye applications. Most of the time, those who wear liquid foundations use setting powder to reduce shine and oil buildup. If you are looking for powder that will keep you feeling fresh and dry even with heavy makeup then this is it. Setting powder is ideally applied using a fine brush to avoid putting a lot on the face, true for compact setting powder with a puff applicator.

Here are some of the most popular setting powders available in the market today:

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder

This setting powder can blur and hide all imperfections and Best Products (http://www.bestproducts.com/beauty/g1199/setting-powder-makeup/ ) said that this is even better than an Instagram filter. This powder is also infused with light-diffusing bits for a seamless and flawless look.

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

This setting powder is easy to use and will correct unwanted marks and imperfections. This powder has a high coverage and can be used every day.

Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder

This is setting powder made for people with medium to deep skin tones. The powder has a yellow-based formulation to set the face especially when flash photography is used.

Finishing powder

Finishing powder is used over the setting powder to further protect the overall look especially during special events. This type of powder will perfect the overall look and create a perfect finish similar to an air brushed effect. Finishing powders will let you take control especially when you anticipate that you will be photographed for several times in a particular occasion. It is usually applied after adding concealer, foundation, SPF or moisturizer using a good brush. Here are some of the top finishing powders in the market this year

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder

Style Caster calls this a true finishing powder that covers pores and sets makeup fast (http://stylecaster.com/beauty/best-finishing-powder/). It can work on all skin tones and has very fine consistency.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder

This is a finishing powder that comes in translucent and tinted varieties. It is available in a variety of shades and therefore there is a huge chance that you will find one that matches your skin.

MAC Blot Powder

This is a sheer and slightly tinted finishing powder that provides extra coverage to skin. What’s great about this powder is that you can apply it several times a day and still it won’t look like you placed too much makeup on.

HD powder

HD is short for high definition so high definition powder. Celerity stylists use high definition powders to prepare skin for a photo-ready finish. HD powder is simply finishing powders with a little more impact. It can remove imperfections, prepare the skin for camera lighting and even soften an actor’s features under harsh lighting. If you aim for picture-perfect skin or you want a bit of fun when you dress up then your makeup kit should have an HD powder ready to use. Here are the most popular HD powders of the year.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD MIcrofinishing Loose Powder

This is a finishing powder that has ultra-blurring and light-diffusion features to perfect any skin tone in any kind of lighting. It is defined as the final step in applying makeup that will remove all kinds of imperfections that will ruin your look. This HD powder will look invisible in Ultra HD 4K technology and is one of the most popularly used so far.

Graftobian HD Setting Powder

This is an independent makeup company that creates professional makeup. Their HD powder is available in SuperSilica and Luxe Cashmere and they also offer HD Pro Powder Foundations, cake foundation, foundation palettes and more.

Youngblood Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder

This is a sheer finishing powder that works great in absorbing excess oils and laves skin looking flawless as ever. It is a good HD powder that locks in moisture and gives a soothing and cooling sensation when worn. It is an HD powder endorsed by Lovely Skin.


A good makeup artist and professional makeup artist will never skip using setting, finishing and if necessary, HD powders. Each one has specific features and benefits and most of all, each one is needed to create that picture-perfect look needed for photography and film making. There are a number of good setting, finishing and HD powder makeup brands in the market and there are a few names that stand out. If you are looking for good brands to start, I strongly recommend the ones I have here in this article. Practice using setting and finishing powders and soon applying these will just be second nature to you.

Do you have tips on how to apply these powders? Do you have a powder brand you really like? Share your thoughts here at the comments section.