Why Are My Pores So Big?

Why do pores on my nose appear so big? Why can’t my pores look as smooth as a baby’s? These and possibly more questions about huge skin pores are often asked by women young and old. This has been one of my questions too and in fact, I have spent a long time looking for answers that I have become obsessed with removing my large pores. Having large pores could be due to genetics and poor skin care among others.

Large pores can be due to genetics

Look around you, if your dad, mom, aunts and uncles have large skin pores especially pores on the face then you are more likely to have them too. Genetics play a huge role on having many skin imperfections like having large pores but you can still do something to prevent your large pores from becoming worse. If you have minimal large pores now, you must start preventive measures as soon as possible so you can curb the effects of genetics on your skin.

Large pores can be due to poor skin care

Poor skin care can be detrimental to your appearance. If you do not follow proper skin care regimen daily then not only will you have large pores, you will even end up with blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples and more.

One thing that most women are guilty of is not removing makeup before retiring at night. Although this may look like a simple thing to forget, skin can suffer so much from not removing makeup or not removing it completely. Makeup can clog pores and so can dirt from the environment. Hair pores and oil pores will become inflamed and will become bigger as dirt, oil and makeup accumulate. Over time, when this is overlooked, pores could become larger and these could sag. Therefore it’s important to never neglect makeup removal at the end of the day.

Large pores can be due to oily skin

People with oily skin tend to have larger pores since oil can accumulate in the pores causing it to stretch. When oily skin is not resolved, skin will continue to soften and sag and this leads to larger and more noticeable skin pores.

On the other hand people with dry skin are not exempted from having large pores. Poor moisture can make pores pronounced as well. Skin won’t be able to jump back to its normal, hydrated and plump self if there is poor moisture. And in other words, oily and dry skin is both vulnerable to developing larger pores. Good skin care should never be overlooked no matter what type of skin you have.

Large pores can be due to environmental pollution

Pollution plays a huge role in the development of a variety of skin disorders among them large pores. When a person lives in a heavily polluted environment, toxins, chemicals and other contaminants on air, water and land can affect the immune system and lead to poor health. Large quantities of pollutants usually remain in water and on air and even affect the food we eat. These could all effect cell tissue health and could lead to worse conditions such as skin cancer.

Large pores can be due to sun exposure

There is no doubt that prolonged exposure to the sun could be very detrimental to skin health. The sun’s UV rays are very harmful and this causes skin to sag and become very noticeable. Exposure to UV rays also lead to signs of aging and even cancer.

Large pores can be due to aging

As a person ages, skin tends to change dramatically. Collagen and elastin break down and these elements are necessary to hold skin together. Aging skin becomes dry, develops poor resistance to pressure and have larger pores than usual. And as a person ages, there are a variety of illnesses and health conditions that can affect his overall health and could affect skin health.

What to do with large pores?

Now that you know what causes large skin pores, removing them and preventing large pore formation from happening are the next steps.

1. Follow a strict skin care regimen every day

Even with a tight schedule every day, you need to follow a strict skin care regimen. This skin management plan is based on the type of skin you have. If you are prone to breakouts you must consult a doctor or a specialist beforehand however if you have normal skin, it’s best to keep skin care simple BUT complete.

  • Use a natural exfoliant or a gentle facial wash to remove dirt, oil and dead skin
  • Follow with a light moisturizer to be applied immediately after washing your face
  • Use sunscreen daily, never leave home without it
  • Use a natural face mask at least every week to remove stubborn dirt and excess oils
  • Use a dry body brush to revitalize skin everyday

And of course, never sleep with your makeup on. If you have time to put on gunk then you must have time to remove it! Use makeup remover or a light astringent to remove makeup; afterwards wash your face with mild soap and lukewarm water

2. Eat healthy, choose natural foods

With environmental pollution seeping from soil, present in water and air, harmful toxins and chemicals that can harm skin are everywhere. Eating healthy starts from choosing the best and the most natural food including the freshest produce, milk, eggs, meat and more. Avoid eating processed foods and foods that do not have any nutritional value. Stick with healthy, well-balanced meals to sustain healthy skin, hair and bones.

3. Avoid sun exposure, protect your skin from the sun

Whether you work under the hot sun or just drive to work, your skin is still exposed to dangerous UV rays. Do not overlook wearing sunscreen, use SPF 50+ products to completely protect your skin. Apply these products according to directions and wear protective clothing as well. Use hats, umbrellas, long-sleeved shirts and caps. UVs cause irreversible damage so do all you can to avoid exposure.

4. Control oil production

Wash your face with a gentle soap and use makeup sparingly if you have oily skin. Oily skin can also be due to stress and other medical or health conditions so make sure to consult your doctor to get the best skin care products that are right for your skin type.

5. Use a natural cleanser

Why natural? Cleansing products made of chemical-based ingredients will only pile up and cause irritation. A natural cleanser is made of safe, effective and natural ingredients that will remove dirt from skin pores, control oil and lift dead skin. It will do all these without drying your skin either so it’s safe for daily use. Natural cleansers are available in most drug stores and department stores or you can ask a dermatologist or skin expert for the best product to choose especially if you have sensitive skin.

6. Moisturize skin daily

Large pores need constant moisture to reduce in size and to improve skin’s texture. The best moisturizers are natural moisturizers and this is made of natural ingredients that nourish skin from deep down. Common natural moisturizers use natural oils and extracts; one such example is coconut oil which is widely used in many skin care preparations. There are a number of products that use coconut oil and these are available in department stores and drug stores.

7. Drink more water

Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Eat fruits that naturally contain water melons, citruses and berries. Water is important for every living cell and tissues of the body and it is vital in many important functions in the body.


Having large pores is indeed unsightly and having large pores is due to a number of factors: genetics, poor skin maintenance, aging and environmental pollution, to name a few. There are treatments available for large pores but natural remedies like hydrating the skin and eating healthy tops the list.

Do you have stories about having large pores? We would like to hear from you. Tell us what you think from the comments section below. And if you like this article, share it with people who you think deserve tips on how to have healthy skin today.