Why Do Some Guys Not Grow Facial Hair?

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As we have discussed about circle beard styles for round faces, here we have shared an amazing article on why some guys not grow facial hairs?

Have you ever met a person in your life who cannot grow beard? Or are you someone who is unable to grow beard? If yes then this article is for you because today we are going to explain it all to you in detail that why exactly some men cannot grow beards.

We will tell you all about the factors that become a hurdle in your beard growth and also that what can be done in order to eliminate those factors.

How Does A Beard Grow?

Let’s just start from the basic of how a beard grows and what are the major elements that take part in that growth process. There are two major hormones found in men that are responsible for the growth of facial hair. One is the testosterone and the other one is known as DHT.

Both these hormones decide whether you are lucky enough to grow a good beard or not. It is as simple as it seems, the lower the levels of these hormones are in your body, the less hair will come out of your follicles and it is reversed when there are high levels of testosterone and DHT in your body.

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The Trend

People nowadays are going crazy over beards and different beard styles because researchers were conducted and all of them came with the result that men with beards appear more attractive and appealing. Now after such a research, people started obsessing more over beards and it is but a fact that even women get attracted to those men who have beards.

Beards are known to be a sign of masculinity, strength and manliness and those people who cannot grow beards surely feel complexed about themselves. On the other hand it you are unable to grow beard then let us tell you one major fact that there is nothing wrong with you or your appearance in fact, there are men who look much hotter when they don’t have beards, so you don’t have to worry about yourself because you don’t appear any less attractive. Also check our article on do vitamins help beard growth.

It is just the game of the nature, your surroundings and even your genetics that you cannot grow proper beards. Moreover, there are several things that can be done in order to trigger the beard growth so calm down and just read this article thoroughly and we assure you that you will end up with a changed perspective about yourself.

Who To Blame?

There is no medical term yet discovered for men who don’t grow beards but in general it is known as the “perpetual baby face syndrome” and there is a huge figure of the population that is suffering from this issue. Coming back to testosterone, it is the hormone that stimulates the male development and sexual characteristics and there is a chemical that is synthesized from testosterone which produces beard. That chemical is known as dihydrotestosterone.

The ability of your body to grow beard is all based on how your body reacts to the level of testosterone. When seen in general, all men have almost the same levels of testosterone in their bodies but when research was done, it was identified that those men who have thicker and fuller beards were more responsive to testosterone than the other people who had a baby face.

All of this study concluded that if you lack the ability to grow beard then there is nothing to blame for, it’s just in your genes and your mom and dad together need to be blamed for this as it is a genetic issue and not something that is under your control. Again, not being able to grow beard is nothing to be ashamed off and it isn’t even a medical problem so you cannot do much about it. Also, doctors are highly against the treatments for beard growth because you cannot mess up with what’s inside you.

All the treatments and operations for triggering your beard growth can harm you, cause acne, liver issues and even balding which is something that no men would want. So, yes you don’t have to go under the knife for it. It is totally ok and natural to have a baby face. In fact, another study came up with the result that men who are more sensitive to testosterone in their body, there are high chances of them to go bald. So, if you ever feel a little left out among the people with good and thicker beards then don’t worry, you know what’s going to happen in the end.

What Exactly Can Be Done?

We are not going to give you any false hopes about your beard but let’s face it, there is nothing in the world that cannot be fixed and if you are willing to put all your efforts in something, there are high chances that you find a way out and your job gets done.

Something similar is required for people who are unable to grow beards, you need lots and lots of motivation and above everything you need to be constant with your struggles. Just ignore what other say and know that where there is a will, there is a way. We are now going to tell you two basic ways that can be effective for your beard growth and we don’t promise you anything soon to happen but if you remain motivated and constant, we assure you that you will see the results.

Your Body Needs Vitamins

As said earlier, testosterone and DHT are the hormones responsible for your beard growth but have you ever imagined that what can trigger the increase of both these hormones? Well, if you haven’t yet thought of it then we will tell you, both these hormones can be increased and stimulated in your body through vitamins and minerals.

The lack of certain vitamins in your body can really really add up and become a hurdle in your beard growth so if you genuinely care about your beard then you need to start studying the vitamins and how they help. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K all of these are responsible in the production of testosterone, DHT, sebum etc and these hormones directly affect your beard.

Each vitamin works in its own way, some of them protect you from the damage of free radicals and oxidants in your body and some trigger the production of male hormones in the body. Together these vitamins make a complete package that can help you in growing a good and thicker beard.

How To Consume Vitamins & Minerals?

We are pretty sure that right now you might be thinking that how exactly can you identify that which vitamin does your body lack and how can you fulfil that requirement. Well, we have an answer to that to, you just have to stick to what we are about to tell you and you will see the results for yourself. You can consumer vitamins by eating food that holds high nutritional values. You see, the junk you eat will not benefit you in any way and in fact it will make you obese too so it is better to have something that holds some benefits.

You can consume vitamins from animal organs such as liver, heart etc and in case you are a vegetarian then you do have an option of greens and leafy meals that are filled with green vegetables. Both of these can help you in fulfilling your body’s requirement of vitamins and when it comes to the identification of which vitamin you lack, well for that you can get yourself checked or you can just consume the vitamins that are necessary for beard growth.

Now, we have mentioned all about why do some men don’t grow beard and there are people too who do grow beard but it comes out in a very less quantity in the form of unequal patches now for these people there are certain beard products that can trigger the beard growth directly.

We are talking about none other than the beard oils. The market is full of beard oils that are all natural and they work naturally too. People have reported that yes, the use of beard oils helped them in growing good and fuller beard so if you are also one of those people who is trying to find the best beard oil of all time then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we’ve come with one of the best and the most amazing beard oil of all time. So take notes of what we are about to reveal because this oil might help you in growing a fuller and thicker beard.

Wisdom Beard Oil

Wisdom Beard Oil

Here is the one magical product that can trigger your hair follicles and ultimately you will start growing a good beard that you’ve always wanted. The wisdom beard oil is currently trending among men as it is very very effective and it undoubtedly has some amazing natural ingredients that aren’t harmful at all. It is probably the best beard oil available in the market and the reasons why we consider it the best are various.

This oil not only helps to moisturize your beard in fact it helps with the growth too. With it, you will start feeling that your beard isn’t dry or sharp now and it will become totally smooth after a few applications. The best part about this oil is that it has a very good scent that won’t irritate you or others at all. So, yes you can apply it while going to the workplace or markets etc. Furthermore, the Wisdom beard oil is a great treat to your beard hair or even if you have a stubble then you should definitely buy it because yes it is that amazing.

You can also gift it to someone who is very conscious about his beard because believe it or not beard oils are one worthy gift and people love to receive them. The another best part about this product is that it comes at a very reasonable rate and you won’t have to spend much dollars on it. It is reasonably prices and above everything it is the best quality beard oil. The customer reviews of the Wisdom Beard Oil are amazing and people are loving its effectiveness and usefulness. If you genuinely want a smooth and clear, moisturized beard then yes you should definitely go for this oil and we assure you that you won’t regret spending even a single penny spent on it.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Now, if you want to start growing a beard then we suggest you that you should not go under the knife for that. Currently people are using different treatments and operations to start growing beard but that is totally a wrong concept. In fact, doctors have strictly forbidden that no one such go for beard surgeries. You can try all the natural ways to grow a beard but operating your facial skin can cause a lot of problems that include acne, rashes and many serious diseases too. Use beard oils, consume vitamins and above everything, be patient, your body needs time to change and you have to set it free in order to see the results, especially when it comes to beards, do not expect quicker results, give it some time and you will start growing a beard.