Why Women Wear (or Don’t Wear) Makeup?

Why do women wear makeup? And why do some women don’t? This is truly a fascinating mystery, especially for men. Women have special reasons to wear and not to wear makeup, and this goes beyond “looking good.” If you have debated on whether or not you should wear makeup or not then this short guide is for you.

Why women wear makeup?

Whether you are a man who just don’t get it or a woman who despises makeup, Thought Catalog has posted a few good reasons why women wear makeup (http://thoughtcatalog.com/alyssa-mathews/2014/03/4-reasons-why-women-wear-makeup-for-those-who-just-dont-get-it/ ). But there are more reasons to consider such as the following:

Women wear makeup for themselves

While many would think that women wear makeup just to impress men or to look better than other women, most of the time, women just want to impress their selves. Personally, I have found this to be true especially during mornings when I just want to sit longer in front of the mirror to put on a new eye shadow color or a lipstick shade. It may sound weird, but it’s nothing special; just want to look beautiful for me.

Women like to look and feel pretty

Makeup makes you look beautiful, there's no doubt about it. And it’s natural to like pretty things. Some women wear makeup to see if an actress' red carpet glam look would look good on them too. A lot of Hollywood stars have their makeup product line. Fans and followers of these stars buy and use these products to the T simply because of these followers' admiration.

Makeup removes flaws

Admit it; makeup does a great job in hiding flaws that are impossible to remove. Makeup can hide scars, acne scars, raccoon eyes, freckles and more. Elaborate makeup could even correct and bring back the beauty of skin after surgery, burns and ugly marks.

One of my secret weapons in my makeup arsenal is a small bottle of concealer. This is a trusted brand which offers great coverage, and I wear it together with my foundation. I use this underneath the eyes, to cover an old scar and to blot down acne marks.

Because of her type of occupation

For some women, wearing makeup is necessary for their job. Just some jobs that require women to wear makeup and look their best are flight stewardesses, sales people, bank employees, actors, models, and performers.

As some women prefer to wear makeup, some prefer not to. It's not too uncommon to see women, even women of exceptional beauty without any makeup on. They basically have the following reasons:

Just want to try new products

Women like to try new stuff, and those who wear makeup like me would agree that it's just natural to try a new color, a new shade in season or maybe something that's on sale. I happen to personally like MAC because they have a new shade of lipstick almost every season. I like to try out a new shade to see if this new color would work for me. And the best way to find out if a color suit you is to wear it.

Have you ever been to a department store makeup bar? Most stores don't just sell makeup products, but they also offer a free trial. If I have the time and I really like the product, then I would sit for hours just to find out if the new product is really as good as the saleslady says.

To impress a guy

A woman might make herself look more presentable and more admirable by wearing makeup. She might wear makeup to change her identity completely or to highlight her features. All in all, she might use makeup to create a new person that she believes would be presentable to the man that she loves.

Women don’t wear makeup because

There are many reasons why women do not wear makeup. It could either be a personal or a cultural preference or something that she believes that is right to do. Society plays a huge role in what women think and does these days, and with the improvements in how people communicate, women are more able to voice out what they mean. Here are a few strong reasons why some women object to wearing makeup.

Skin sensitivities and irritation

Some women have sensitive skin that could easily become red, itchy and inflamed when they wear makeup. Ingredients in makeup like the coloring and preservatives could be the culprit. Their sensitive reactions to makeup are triggered even with very little makeup on. It is definitely more important to avoid irritation and breakouts rather than aesthetics.

They prefer a natural look

A new movement among women supporting the "natural" look is being supported by many prominent women in the entertainment industry. Women who belong to this group want to promote the natural, clean and free look and they urge other women to follow. There are many advantages in avoiding makeup altogether. Aside from saving money on makeup and other products, they can also renew their self-confidence and self-esteem by being proud of their appearances even without makeup.

Cultural reasons

There are cultural and even religious reasons why women do not wear makeup. I know of a religious sect that abhors the use of makeup and tells female members that they have to keep their hair long, wear long skirts and to keep their fingernails short and clean. The sect believes that it is God’s will that women present themselves in the simplest manner and even for men as well. Male members were told to cut their hair short as well.

Support non-testing of makeup products on animals

It is a widely known fact that most makeup companies test their products on animals and while there are laws to protect animals from this form of cruelty, this practice continues till today. PETA released a list of makeup companies that still test their products on animals for 2017, and the list includes Estee Lauder, Covergirl, L’ Oreal, Victoria’s Secret, Avon and Maybelline (https://www.peta.org/living/beauty/beauty-brands-that-you-thought-were-cruelty-free-but-arent/ ). A lot of women support this cause not just because they have a pet dog or cat, but they understand that animals have the right to live and thrive, just like any living thing.


Women have their reasons why they wear makeup or not. For some women, it’s a matter of choice not to wear makeup while some can’t live without it. But the main thing about wearing makeup, it can boost self-esteem and self-confidence; it can even transform anyone into a completely new person. Makeup is something personal for a woman too since it lets her express herself while having no makeup at all is also a sign of self-expression. If you like this article, share it with a friend or a family member who wear or don’t wear makeup at all.