Best Beard Care Tips

Best Beard Care Tips

Maybe you already achieved the desired beard and mustache style that you always wanted. But are you sure you are giving your beard enough care? Just like any part of your body, growing a beard requires effort and care. The last thing that you should avoid is to have an ungroomed, itchy, unkempt, and a smelly beard. Your beard style symbolizes your masculinity, and it is very important to take care of it. It is not just about achieving your desired look. Everything is matched up with the right care and maintenance. If you are unaware of how to start this, then I will give some of the best beard care tips that you should practice.

#1 Fight back the itch if you are serious about growing a beard

Having itchy feeling while growing your beard is normal. That’s part of the process. Do not give up. You just have to stick with it for a couple of weeks until you can grow your desired length. Sometimes, it can take a few months. If you can’t keep off with that itchy feeling, then just go with a short and trimmed beard style. I understand that not all men can grow a beard. It all lies in the genetics. Feel free to shave it off and continue to move on if you don’t have enough patience. But take note that everything will pay off in the long run, so my advice is to keep away that fainted heart of yours.

#2 Let it grow

Let your beard grow for a couple of weeks or months or as soon as you reach your desired length. If you reach that point, then you are ready to shape it on whatever style you want freely. It’s up to you if you want to keep it short. That’s your choice. However, if you decided to grow your beard in the first place, and end up giving up in the middle of the process, then you are making a big mistake. This is a common mistake for most of the rookies, and it can take a few weeks or months to fix this.

#3 Know when to give up

It requires ample amount of time to achieve your desired look. Whether you want a clean or a rugged look, there will always come to the point where you need to let it grow. Even if you opt for the short ones, you still need to grow facial hair to shape and style it. However, giving up is always a choice if you can’t maintain a long beard. This is usually the situation if everything becomes patchy and scraggly already. If you came to that point, I could assure you that it will not get any better. So the solution? Give it up. Maybe growing a beard is not for you.

#4 Shampoo

Using shampoo is one of the simplest things you can do for your beard. A lot of guys fail on this part because most of the guys I know use bar soap to wash off their beards. That is a very bad idea because it can drastically dry out your beard. And you don’t want that do you? Use shampoo a few times a week to moisturize and to keep your hair away from brittleness. Rinse off everything after you apply shampoo because not doing it properly will also cause it to dry and flaky.

#5 Conditioner

Some men skip the conditioning part when they are growing their beard. However, this is still considered a top priority if you are serious in growing one. Use heavy-duty products so that you can avoid having a wiry hair. Conditioners contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your beard. It can give a natural moisturizer to your beard that can result in softer and more manageable hair. A leave-in type of conditioner is also a good choice if you don’t want to rinse it. A lot of men confused using a conditioner with beard oils and beard softeners. All of these products are different in some ways.

#6 Use products (if you want)

You can also use other products to take care of your beard. Just be sure to pick the right ones because your skin also absorbs all the products that you rub into your beard. Use products that are non-comedogenic to avoid clogging your pores. Beard products come in different forms, but all of these can help you to develop a thick and healthy beard. Investing in these products will be worth it in the long run because this can result in a much healthier looking beard. Some products that you can try are beard balm, beard oil, organic beard soap, and of course, never skip the beard comb. The products that you can use are not limited to these. You can expand your options but be sure not to pick products that can harm your hair and skin.

#7 Trim it

Growing your beard doesn’t mean you need to skip the trimming part. Although you want to achieve a three-foot beard, trimming is always part of the process. It is important to trim your beard every two months if you are growing a full beard for example. Your beard develops split ends and trimming it gets rid of it. If you are going with a short style, then trim it off every few weeks or so. You need to do a regular trimming so that you can achieve the healthiest beard possible.

#8 Have the right tools

Maintenance does not only mean you have to use beard oil, beard balm, shampoo, or conditioner. Using the right tools to trim off your beard is also important. Use an electric trimmer on the edge of your beard. On the other hand, you can stick with scissors and comb to shape the bulk. Using inappropriate tools can result in undesired sculpt and shape. That is the last thing that you would want to happen; ruining everything after all the time that you had spent and committed. With the right tools for the maintenance of your beard, I’m sure the unique look that you always desire is just around the corner.

#9 Eat a healthy diet

A balanced and healthy diet can do wonders for the health of your beard. You do not require special kinds of food. For as long as you pick the right choices and keep it balanced, then you are good to go. Eating healthy does benefit not only your beard but also your skin. Some people follow specific kinds of food to grow a healthy hair. Although this is not necessary, you can opt to do so. Top choices for a healthy beard are eggs, orange juice, potatoes, gelatin, brazil nuts, raisins, and beef. These specific food choices can increase the levels of your hormone, thus allowing you to grow a healthier beard. You can also use supplements like biotin and B complex to strengthen the hair of your beard. However, there is no concrete evidence that it can do a drastic change on your beard. You can check with your doctor if you want to start daily supplementation for your hair.

#10 Sleep

If you are serious with growing a full and long beard, then getting enough sleep is very important. If you don’t get enough sleep, the growth of your beard can slow down. You need that required sleep every night so that you can be refreshed and restored. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep and expect great results. Also, avoid any stress in your daily life because this can affect the growing process of your beard. It can also make your beard weak and brittle. I’m sure that is the last thing that you want to happen to your beard. You can avoid stress by trying different techniques such as doing exercises regularly and doing yoga. With these strategies, you can surely manage your stress thus, allowing for a much healthier beard.

#11 Eat with care

If you are growing a beard that can affect the way you eat, then you must take precautions on it. You can take small bites while eating and you have to wipe your face after every meal. Always keep the napkin in handy because you will need that.


Pay a significant amount of attention to your beard if you want to maintain it as healthy as possible. It would be no use if you achieved a good looking beard style if you do not take care of it properly. I hope you find my care tips helpful. All the tips and practices mentioned above work differently to everyone. You can adjust and follow what works best for you. After all, your beard deserves that much-needed care to achieve a unique look. Follow a healthy routine in taking care of your beard, and you will surely kick off a thick, full, and healthy beard.