Best Length To Trim Beard

Best Length to Trim Beard


Hooray! It’s 2018, and many are planning to make a change for the whole year. It might be a new image, new hairstyle, and most probably new beard style. Well, it sounds exciting but what is the best length to trim beard? This is one of the common questions by most men who are just starting growing their beards. If you are one of them or you just want to follow the trend today, answering this question gives an impact to your over-all grooming.

Trimming your beard is one way of improving or changing your image. It is a minor risk investment of improving your grooming compared to totally changing your hair or rebuilding your wardrobe. Everyone has the idea of having a nice-shaped beard and its time for you to know the best length to trim your beard and how to do it properly. In this way, you can achieve the beard that perfectly suits for you.

Materials To Trim Beard

Materials To Trim Beard

Trimming your beard is not just about making a new look or enhancing your face. It must be done correctly with the use of tools and materials. In this tutorial, you will need the following things:

  • Beard shampoo
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Beard trimmer/clippers
  • Beard trimming scissors
  • Razor (optional)
  • Beard oil
  • Beard comb

In providing these tools and materials, you have the freedom of choosing your desired brand. Of course, trimming is more enjoyable if you use your favorite brand. Whatever brand you choose, always check its quality because using low-grade trimming materials might give a negative impact in your trimming session.


Instructions To Trim Beard

The best length to trim your beard will depend on many factors. These are the ratio of your beard and hair, the shape of your face, and your style. In trimming your beard, your taste and preferences will matter the most. This tutorial will give you a lot of options in trimming your beard and rating your style. After reading this tutorial, the choice will then be yours.

The Hair and beard ratio. What’s the best for you?

Hair And Beard Ratio

Justine Timberlake and George Clooney are just a few among many famous people who have beards which are proportional to their hair length. If this is your preference, then it is a good choice. Want to check the best beard length that will suit to your hair? Check out the following:

Short hair

If you have a short hair, the ideal beard for you is thick and long. However, style experts also shared different beard styles for those having a short hair since this hairstyle is the most common one. These are the following:

Buzz cut

This style is more of focusing on your beard and less on your hair. Buzzcut will make you look like a boss, but the good thing about this cut is the fact that it can save you money and beard shampoos. However, when using this style, you need to make it in proper grooming always since your beard is now the dominant part of your face.

Razor fades

Razor fades or also referred as hipster look is ideal if you desire to grow a big beard or if you have already one. This beard style will offer your face to achieve a stronger look.

Short back

The short back is a style of combining your beard with your hair. Well, this is a great combination, and many men are using this. However, you must always remember that this will style will require you some effort. Why? Simply because maintain the length of your hair and beard in proportion will require some labor.

Stubble Neat

No doubt this style in one of the greatest choice of men. Stubble neat is the easiest style to maintain. The result of this beard style is an office looking aura with some sense of masculinity.

Moustache/ stubble natural

This style is already famous long before, but its different effect on your face makes it still famous until today. But despite its different impact on your look, many men have still hesitation with this style. This is why the majority of the men who use mustache accompanied it with stubble natural.

Viking beard

The Viking beard style has found to be good to partner with short hair. Though this style may take some time, Viking beard will still give you a cool look in general.

Medium hair

For this hairstyle, any beard length will suit for you. The one important thing to bear in mind with this style is to make sure that your facial hair is good grooming all the time. In this way, whatever the style, since you have a medium hair, you will still look tidy and clean.

Long hair

If you love long hair or you already have one, the suited bear style for you is shorted beard. This will create a good contrast for your face and will make a good look.

No hair

If you have no hair, it’s not a problem. In fact, it is an advantage for you in choosing your beard style. Well, it’s obviously very easy to identify the best length for bald men. All style will fit. This is because you will only need to take consideration of your facial hair.

The perfect beard length for your face


Perfect Beard Length

Every human being has different facial shape. In choosing a beard style, you might like to consider the shape of your face because it will add a positive impact after trimming and styling it. Do you have an oval or a square shape? Well, whatever the shape of your face, there is no need to worry, you have what it takes to have a good beard grooming that will match the face of your shape.

Triangle shape face

Usually, men with this kind of face have a wider hairline, but the chin is narrow, and the jawline is broad. With this type of face, a full beard is the best suited because it will highlight your jawline.

Full face

This type of face is usually round and large. A full beard is still suited if you have a full face. The full beard will not create any contrast but will balance the face and size of your face.

Oval face

Men with the oval face are commonly defined as the luckiest one when it comes to trimming and achieving the perfect length of their beard. If you are one of these men with an oval face, then good for you. An oval face has no limitation when it comes to creating and maintaining your beard style. This face type will suit whatever beard style you will prefer as long as you will maintain trimming and keeping it in tidy look.

How to achieve your perfect length?

How to achieve your perfect length

Now that you already read about the beard style that will suit you, the time has come for you to know the steps in trimming your beard. Short beard is easy to trim and no doubt you’ll agree with it. However, a long beard is quite hard to trim. It requires effort and certain techniques to come up with the best and perfect length. This is why you need to learn the steps in trimming the long beard. These are just easy steps and tips, and it’s not surprising that you can do it perfectly.

Trimming your beard can be compared to a haircut. However, there are certain things you need to do first before you can even start your trimming session. These are washing, conditioning, and drying your beard. This is the “SOP” before you will start to trim. The next important thing you need to do is to apply beard oil just like what you normally do. You may be thinking why you have to do these stuff where in fact you will trim your beard anyway. Well, before trimming, it is necessary to take your beard in its natural condition. Now that you already applied all those stuff, it’s time to give a bit of patience and wait for an hour before you will start trimming off your beard.

Don’t worry; your time of waiting will be worth the wait. Yes, because drying your beard before trimming is more than the right thing to do but a necessity as well. Did you know that it’s not good to trim your beard while it’s still wet? Trimming your beard while it is still wet will end you up frustrated. It is because, in the end, you might found out that you are overly trimming your beard. Bear in mind always that beard is a type of hair and it will normally dry and shrink which will make a difference between dry and wet trimming.

Another list to the things which are not suitable to do while trimming is to fluff your beard excessively while trimming. Also, avoid trimming your beard after you sleep. It will make a huge and negative difference to the result of your trimming session.

When you already followed and applied the tips, you can now proceed to your normal trimming routine. Lastly, don’t forget to comb your beard before and after trimming. Combing will help you trim your beard easily.

The patient trimming method

Trimming methods are just the same; it will just create a difference depending on the style and shape. However, there is a certain trimming method which might catch your interest. It will offer you a chance to trim your beard with a great result perfectly. The thing to consider with this method is simply your patience. This method will require you being patient before you can achieve the perfect result. This is the patient trimming method.

In this method, you will need not just a few hours but days before you can achieve the perfectly trimmed beard you are looking for a long time. To do it, simply follow these steps.

Step 1/Day 1: Roughing the shape

This is your first-day activity. Roughing out your shape will give you a 90% chance to make it perfect.

Step 2/Day 2: Start trimming

In this day, you can now start to trim your beards. However, bear in mind that you still have few days before you can realize your desired result. Well, in this day, what you need to do is to trim only those hairs which poked in your outline.

Step 3/Day 3: Continue trimming

The latter step is the same in the third step. Continue to trim all those hairs which poke outside your desired outline.

Step 4/Day 4: Continue trimming

Until the final day, your job is to continue trimming your beard. The same with what you do with day 2 and 3.

This method is effective; this will take care those potential hairs that will poke after trimming your beard. The day to day trimming will ensure that you will achieve a full and perfectly trimmed beard.


Trimming your beard will give you an easy way to enhance your image. Your beard style will not just improve your look but will also define your personality. Trimming is an easy thing to do but not all your trimming styles will work out well. This is why creating this article is an effective step in helping you choose the best beard length. As you learned many things in this article, don’t forget to share it with others so that they will know as well. Happy trimming!