Best Way To Condition A Beard

Best Way to Condition a Beard

When it comes to growing beard, men have a different perspective. While some grow their beards because it is what the trend tells, one thing is for sure, growing your beard is one of the best ways to show to the world about your real personality.

Today, different styles follow the trends in beard growing. However, great beards are not just about how stylish or how long they are, it also about how soft these beards are. In the end, your facial hair has a huge impact on your grooming.

While growing your beard is not that difficult to do, making it soft all the time is another issue. Many men are struggling with their rough and wiry beards which sometimes lead to completely removing it instead.

If you are one of these men, you are fortunate in landing this page. This time, we would like to share our ideas about beard conditioning so that we can help you soften your beard in your own.

What Does Your Beard Need?

Both the hair on your face and the head has the same needs. Just like your hair, your beard needs more than your shampoo; it will also require you to condition it. This is highly needed because shampoo and conditioner have different roles to play with your beard.

You need to use a beard shampoo to make your facial hair clean enough, removing the debris and dirt in it. On the other hand, conditioner will give moisture and add nutrients to your hair to make it softer and healthier while it is growing.

Taking care of your beards is not just about trimming it and maintaining its cleanliness. Part of caring it is the use of conditioner to revive its health as it grows. This is why; we want to challenge you in making the conditioning process as part of your commitment to taking care of your beard properly. After all, it will give you excellent results not just in your facial hair but to your over-all grooming as well.

Choosing the Right Beard Conditioner

Choosing The Right Beard Conditioner

When looking at the store, you can see a long list of beard conditioners. It varies from their sizes, price, and even quality.

Everyone knows that in every product, no matter what the brand is, quality is always a must and should always be part of your consideration. The same consideration with your beard conditioner as well. After all, the quality of your chosen brand will define the overall result to your facial hair.

The role of beard conditioner is just the same with hair conditioners. They have a formulation of both vitamins and natural moisturizers to make your hair soft and more manageable.

In choosing the right beard conditioner for you, hydration must always be top of the list. This is because just like any other hair; your facial hair will become healthy and better with moisturizer than a dry one. How will you know that your conditioner has enough moisturizer? Well, you can simply do it by checking its ingredients and see if there is added a natural source of moisture like coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea butter.

Another matter to consider in beard conditioner is if it’s natural and organic. If you have a better option in choosing the right beard conditioner, this is the organic conditioner. Organic and natural beard conditioner is not just good and healthy for your facial hair and skin but to the environment as well. And of course, please always check the smell.

Beard gurus believe that considering the scent of your beard conditioner is also a must. In choosing your beard conditioner, a fine and not over-powering scent is an ideal choice.

When it comes to the price of your beard conditioner, it is most of the time negotiable. Well, you must always bear in mind that this is not just about giving your beard moisture that it needs, it is also about your good-grooming. This is why it is not wise to choose a brand with low prices and with low quality. Your beard deserves the best treatment, and it is much better not to mind the price but be more focus on its condition and results.

How to Use a Beard Conditioner?

How to Use a Beard Conditioner

Finally, we are in one of the most crucial parts of conditioning your facial hair, the application process. Fortunately, conditioning your beard is so easy, and you can do it by yourself with small chances of mistakes.

Your chosen conditioning type maybe wash out or leave in. If your beard conditioner is wash out type, then you will simply clean your beard first and apply the conditioner. Leave it there depending on what the package says when it comes to its time duration.

On the other hand, if your chosen beard conditioner is a leave in type, (usually a beard oil and beard balm), you just need to massage your beard with the conditioner and make it neat and clean with the use of a comb.

Types of Beard Conditioners

Types of Beard Conditioners

We are here to help you and to introduce a lot of choices to you. But before anything else, we wanted to introduce to you the two main categories of beard conditioner. These are the conditioner that will wash out, and the other is the conditioner that will leave in.

The washout conditioner is just the same with the conditioner for your hair. It is applied after your application of beard shampoo. You will leave it in your beard for few minutes depending on the time in the instructions before you will rinse it off.

On the other hand, the leave-in conditioner is those beard conditioning products which will be needed to be applied to the beard and skin without rinse requirement. The leave in beard conditioning has two types. These are the beard oil and the beard balm.

Beard Oil

Beard oil will play two roles for you. It will condition your beard and moisturize your skin as well. The use of beard conditioner will help your facial hair becomes softer and manageable while helping your skin becomes nourished with its natural oils.

What makes this beard conditioner a great choice is it can act as your cologne as well. It will not just moisturize your beard hair, but its scent will add your masculinity and with your grooming. Since beard oil will help your skin show off its natural moisture, it can help a lot in the reduction of inflammation and itchiness as well.

If you are suffering from dandruff, beard oil is a good choice as it helps prevent your skin from drying out.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is another type of leave in beard conditioner which is still great to use. Just like beard oil, this conditioner will give moisture and good conditioning effect. Aside from that, beard balm is commonly used for styling and maintaining a shape since it can give a stronghold with your facial hair.

In choosing a beard balm, it is much better to check it all the time. Experts recommend the use of beard balm that uses natural sealants like bee’s wax. This is because synthetic sealants will cause irritation and redness.

The Best Way to Condition your Beard Hair

Best Way to Condition your Beard Hair

Finally, here we are in one of the most crucial topics in conditioning which is the best way to do it effectively.

Applying beard conditioning products is just an easy task, and everyone can do it. However, when it comes to the best way to condition your hair, there is a bit different in it.

While applying beard conditioner is just an easy task, maintaining and making it even more effective is relatively difficult for many men. This is why we wanted to share the tips you can do to make the best of your conditioning process.

Follow your regular cleaning regimen all the time

Maintaining a clean beard all the time is the first step in conditioning your beard effectively. Since the facial hair is always exposed to different dirt like dust and has high exposure to food as well, it is necessary to clean it most of the time. As you clean your hair in the head, you can also clean your beard and practice it as a part of your daily cleaning regimen.

After every wash, condition your facial hair always

When you wash the hair in your head, and you wash your beard as well, try to follow it with conditioning. This is just a simple act of conditioning your beard, but it will pay off at the end of the day. At least clean and condition your beard once a day or every other day.

Choose those beard conditioner which is thick and heavy duty type

Beard conditioners have different qualities. Well, we knew the fact that some will work out fine, but other will work out best. In choosing a beard conditioner, always choose those who are highly concentrated which comes in thick and heavy duty type.

Trim your beard regularly and always keep a healthy living

Trimming is an important thing as well. Before you even question us for telling this, trimming is necessary. Why? Simply because if your beard is growing too bushy and it is growing as if you have no more control over it, it will work against you. As a result, it will not become good enough in your face at all. This is why trimming will help your beard in good condition and grooming all the time.

On the other hand, healthy living is also a key to making conditioning your beard. A long hour of sleep, active lifestyle and healthy foods will not just make your body healthy but to your facial hair as well.

Choose beard conditioner which uses natural ingredients

Synthetic and natural ingredients are quite different. Whether you like it or not, part of conditioning your facial hair is choosing a brand which uses natural ingredients. These ingredients will help your beard grow healthy naturally, and it is safe to use even to your face as well.


In the end, your passion and commitment to maintaining and taking care of your facial hair will matter the most. We are here to give you some pieces of advice but making a step in realizing it will always lie in yourself.

Bear in mind always that conditioning your beard is not just about keeping it healthy, it is also about giving your facial hair the luxury it deserves. In the end, this luxury will get your beard grow healthy and smoothly which will effectively enhance your look and reflects your personality.

We hope that you learned a lot in this topic. Please don’t forget to share this post with anyone in the beard community you know. Sharing is helping, and just like you, they also deserve a great conditioning for their beards.