Best Way To Dye Beard

Best Way to Dye Beard

The physical feature of a man is a significant matter everyone must take care of. When it comes to men, one’s image is not as complicated as women. A fresh haircut may be enough already to have a more youthful look.

Most men love to grow their beard as a way of having a new look. Well, this technique works fine as well. After eating beard growing foods, going to the gym most of the time, and sleeping longer hours, you see a great improvement in the growth of your beard. At last, you are now on your way to achieving a stronger and different look with the help of your facial hair.

Just like the hair in your head, beard needs enhancement as well. While your facial hair is growing quickly, it will slowly turn to gray making a huge impact on your look. When this happens, you’ll look old and more mature compared to your real age.

Fortunately, beard dying is here to help you. Just like the hair in your head, your beard can be dyed as well. Many men love to dye their facial hair because of different reasons. One of these reasons is to look young or to look different.

Today, we will talk about the best way to dye beard. We are excited to share about the tips and tricks you can apply for your beard dying activity.

Dying Your Beard: Everything You Need to Know

In dying your facial hair, you will not just simply put colors in it. You need to consider some matters to prevent untoward results from happening. Just like any coloring activities, dying your beard also has certain rules and practices to follow to ensure a good result. In dying your beard, there is no room for any mistake because it can be easily recognized since it is found on your face.

Choosing the Right Beard Dye

Choosing the Right Beard Dye

Permanent or semi-permanent?

This is the first thing to consider. Before even starting the first step in this activity, you need to make a decision first. What kind of beard dye did you prefer? Is it permanent or semi-permanent?

When talking about permanent dye, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever. However, it will last for a long quiet time. If you choose this kind of dye, many recommend doing it in saloon or barbering. This is because they have the right tools and are expert in matching it with your clothes, etc. Well, I am not discouraging you from doing it by yourself. Of course, you can! However, we just want to remind you to be careful in the dying process since the dye will last for a long time. It is also necessary to have enough knowledge on how to properly do it. Don’t worry; you can do permanent dye, you just have to be careful in the whole application process.

On the other hand, when talking about semi-permanent, it is a kind of dye that will not last for a long time but a few weeks only. You can easily do it by yourself plus it is less expensive as well. However, when you have a full-grown beard, the application of semi-permanent dye is not a good idea. This is because exposing your grown beard to dye products over and over again is not good for your facial hair.

Natural & Hypoallergenic or Chemical?

This is the second thing you need to consider. Our skin vary, some have high sensitivity while others are not. Aside from that, whether you like it or not, what type of dye you choose has a huge impact on the result of your beard dying process.

The use of natural and hypoallergenic dye is a good alternative to using chemical or commercial beard dyes. This is most especially if your skin has high sensitivity to certain chemicals.

No matter what you choose, testing it from irritation is an ideal step. This is to make sure that the products will not cause itch and redness to your skin after. Most of all, always choose a brand which has high quality. The use of low-grade beard dye products may harm your skin and cause severe irritation.

If you’re not confident with your chosen brand, you can apply the patch test to know if you have irritation with the product. In doing the test, you can simply mix a few your dye products and put it in your inner elbow. Wait for about 15 minutes and rinse. If you can see some swelling, irritation, and redness within 48 hours, it only means that your chosen hair color brand is not right for you.

The Right Color and Shade for You

The Right Color and Shade for You

This is another big thing to consider. The color of your beard has a huge impact on the overall look on your face. This is why it is necessary to choose the color and shade that will suit your taste and preferences as well as to your face.

Beard dye comes in different colors. However, the most common shades are black, light brown, and dark brown. While these colors are the commonly used, some brands offer gray color as well.

A facial hair is a thick type; this means that it will have a hard time in absorbing the dye. While it is a bit hard to choose what color to use, we would like to give you some piece of advice. You cannot just apply the trial and error method in choosing a color that will suit you right? Well, the best way you can do is to choose a color which is closest to your beard color right now but choose to go darker and not lighter.

What if it will become too dark? Well, you can simply remove it without following the whole recommended time. However, if you prefer to make it light, you need to be very careful because there is no way you can turn it into darker.

To simplify it, you need to decide what you want? Are you just trying to cover up some of the gray colors of your beard or you want to have a full change of color?

Applying Dye to Your Facial Hair

Finally, here we go with the final step. You are on your way to achieving a change with your physical look. Fortunately, the application process is not as hard as you think. As long as you will follow the instructions properly, you will surely make it right.

The Dye Preparation

The Dye Preparation

Now that you already choose the right color for you, it is now the time to prepare your beard dyes.

Step 1. Test your dye

It is recommended to test your dye first if it cannot irritate your skin. You can apply the method we shared with you for the testing process. If you found irritations after the test within the recommended testing time, it is much better to choose another brand to prevent any serious irritation.

Step 2. Do not clean your beard

It is fine to leave your beard with dirt while you are dying it. In fact, it is even better because the color will be taken easily if your beard is clean. However, don’t overdo it as well. Make sure to remove any debris from your facial hair.

Step 3. Make sure you are wearing an old shirt

You cannot avoid the dye to have a contact in any part of your body or your clothes. This is why it is much better if you will use or wear an old t-shirt and pants when mixing the dye and even when applying it in your beard.

Step 4. Prepare a petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can cleans your skin if the dye may scatter in it so make sure that you have this product beside you.

The Application Process

The Application Process

Whatever color and brand you choose, a dye product has steps and tools like a brush in it. If there is no brush, you can use a toothbrush as an alternative.

Follow the steps or the instructions found in the box or the packaging. Mix the product with regards to the certain amount instructed in the packaging. You can see the white substance; it is called as the developer while the darker is the dye color.

Apply the dye in your facial hair directly with the use of a brush and avoid it having direct contact with your skin. Wait for the recommended time or to your preferences as long as it will not exceed the recommendation of time in the instruction.

Rinse with clean water until the water will become clear and you reach your desired color.

It is important to note that if you are planning to trim or cut your beard, do it after the dying process.

Congratulations, you made it, and you can now enjoy your favorite color with your beard.

Tips for Maintaining your Dyed Beard

Now that you already achieve a new look and new color with your beard, it is now the time to care and maintain it properly. Proper maintenance for your facial hair is a must so that the color will not fade right away.

The use of top beard shampoo is a good way to maintain the good quality of your dyed facial hair. You can use either natural beard shampoos or shampoos for beard dandruff. Whatever you choose, it will be great to use any of it all the time to protect your facial hair. Aside from that, you can also use beard softener to prevent your facial hair from becoming wiry and rough.

Now that you had made it don’t forget to share this post with other so that they will know as well the proper dying way.