Best Way To Maintain A Beard

Best Way to Maintain a Beard

Beard maintenance is necessary to make sure that your beard stays clean, thick, healthy and smooth. Aside from a regular wash your beard needs to be trimmed, styled and kept neat and clean. It’s quite easy to do this if you have worn a beard all your life. But if you have never worn a beard before, then this is the best time to learn how to maintain it.

Before anything else, you must be ready with a complete set of tools and beard care products to help you maintain your beard. Take note that these are not just the things that you will use on your beard. These are also stuff that you may not know you really need to maintain your beard. Keep in mind that to have a healthy beard is not just taking care of facial hair on the outside but also on the inside. A healthy body will show from your hair, teeth, eyes, skin and yes, your beard.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

Tools To Maintain A Beard

If you want to grow and maintain a longer and thicker beard, you don’t just use ordinary soap and water. You need these tools and products in your beard grooming arsenal now.

  • Lukewarm water – use lukewarm water to wet your face and beard and when rinsing products on your face. Lukewarm water will open pores to remove excess oil, deep-seated dirt, and dead skin.
  • Facial wash or foam wash with activated charcoal – there are many brands as well as kinds of facial washes but the best one for men a brand with activated charcoal. This formula will help remove dirt, excess oils and stubborn grime because activated charcoal can lift these away from the skin.
  • Shaving cream – shaving creams and gels will prevent stubbles from drying out and eases shaving.
  • A disposable razor – a disposable razor gives you better control especially near the tips and edges or your beard. And there is no need to worry about changing the blades because you simply throw these away.
  • A small pair of scissors – a pair of sharp trimming scissors would do great. You will need scissors to make immediate cuts to shape your beard and mustache and to correct mistakes as well.
  • Mirror – you need a large mirror to check your beard easily and when you shave and trim.
  • Coconut oil – pure coconut oil contains hair-care nutrients that can nourish the scalp and grow longer, thicker and healthier beards. It’s great in nourishing and moisturizing skin too. If possible, use VCO or virgin coconut oil which is available in natural health stores and drug stores.
  • Almond oil – a very popular hair care treatment is almond oil. This oil contains vitamin E; magnesium and omega-3 fatty to help you with hair loss and damaged hair. Use only pure almond oil which is also available in health shops and drug stores.
  • Jojoba oil – another popular skin and hair care regimen is jojoba oil. This natural oil will moisturize skin and hair and rejuvenate hair to promote hair growth from the roots. You can use products with jojoba oil or use raw oil to moisturize skin and your beard as well.
  • Beard wax and gels – beard wax and gels are commercial –prepared products that can help maintain and style your beard as well as your mustache. There is a lot to choose from, and we have some top brands for you.
  • Beard comb – fine-toothed comb or combs with large teeth – there are many kinds of combs as there are many types of hair. There are combs with large teeth and combs with fine teeth; other combs are a combination of both. You will also find combs made of wood, while there are cheap plastic combs and metal combs.

Step By Step Instructions

There are two phases of beard maintenance: daily beard care and weekly beard maintenance. Just like caring for your hair, you must give your beard daily care by washing, shampooing, and conditioning. If you commute, then you will need to care for your beard daily to remove dirt that can accumulate on your facial hair. Needless to say that your beard must receive weekly TLC treatments to keep it healthy and thick.

Daily Maintenance

1. Washing your face and beard

Washing your face and beard

You need to wash your beard and face daily to remove dirt, grime, and excess oil. If you commute chances are your beard has collected dust, smoke, dirt and all sorts of pollutants. Daily washing and cleansing will take care of dirt, and grime and of course will give your skin a great glow.

The thing is you cannot just wash your face with ordinary soap. Bath soap even facial soap can leave skin dry and parched. Your beard hair will surely become dry and stiff after using bath soap or facial soap. You need to moisturize skin afterward when you use ordinary soap.

The ideal facial wash is a brand that will not strip skin of its natural oils and will not dry skin as well. It has to contain activated charcoal to remove dirt, grime and excess oils easily.

  • Use lukewarm water to open pores.
  • Take a pea-sized amount of facial wash and lather on your hands. Apply this on your face using small circular strokes from the temples to the cheeks, beard, chin, and neck. Use your fingertips to apply gentle pressure over the surface of the skin.
  • Use your fingernails to scrape the surface of your skin gently. You will be removing the outermost layers of your skin where dead, dull and dry skin is found.
  • Afterwards, rinse the facial wash and pat your face and beard dry using a clean and soft towel.

2. Shampoo or condition your beard

Shampoo or condition your beard

Sometimes you need to give your beard hair a boost and treat it like your head of hair by giving it a good shampoo. It’s wise to use shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair and scalp. But if you feel like your beard is dry and needs more moisture then, by all means, use a dry hair shampoo or a specialized beard shampoo and conditioner.

  • Wash your beard; use your fingertips to massage your beard from the chin to the neck lightly. You are not just cleaning your beard but also massaging it as well.
  • Massaging also increases blood circulation on the area as well.
  • Check for nits, knots, and anything that can affect the way you comb your beard. Loosen these with your fingers.
  • Rinse shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for at least 5 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.
  • Pat your beard dry using a clean and soft towel.

3. Use moisturizers on your face and beard

Washing Face And Beard

Apply moisturizer on your beard immediately after you rinse your face and your beard. You must do this so that you won’t damage the hairs of your beard and mustache. So apply moisturizing oils from the lower ear where your beard starts to the chin. Moisturize hair on your neck as well.

You can also use natural oils as moisturizers. Choose natural moisturizers or products with natural ingredients. A few great natural oils are coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. What’s great about these oils that these are easily absorbed by the skin and contain nutrients that can improve hair health and growth and repair damaged tissues as well.

  • The key to using natural oils is to warm the oil first to use them efficiently
  • Place a small amount of oil in a small dish. Put this dish in the middle of a large dish with warm or hot water. This will warm the oil so you before you apply it on your face.
  • Apply this immediately after you rinse your face and beard. This will lock in moisture and keep your skin moisturized for the rest of the day.
  • Apply the oil by massaging it on your beard using your fingertips. Create small circular motions from the lower part of your ear to the chin. Use long strokes from the bottom of the chin to the lower part of the neck.
  • The natural oil will be absorbed in time without feeling icky and sticky. Apply oil on your beard once a day or at least every two days.

4. Combing your beard

Combing your beard

Now that your beard is clean and moisturized, it’s time to comb your beard. Use the kind of comb that will work best for your type of beard. Two of the most common types of combs are fine-toothed combs and wide-toothed combs. Fine-toothed combs are recommended for fine beards while wide-toothed combs are for thick, tough and even very long beards. There are wooden, plastic and metal combs as well.

Wooden combs are ideally for combing beards because these do not create electrostatic discharges when used on wiry, thick beards. Plastic combs can make beard hair more unruly and rough because these can create electrostatic discharges when used.

  • Hold the comb with your dominant hand and slowly slide this through your beard.
  • Work your way from top to bottom and from side to side.
  • When there are knots or nits, slowly hold the comb back and loosen this with your fingers. As soon as your fingers are free, resume combing your beard until you have completely covered every part of it.
  • Keep your comb wherever you go so you can quickly fix your beard on the fly.

5. Applying beard wax

Beard waxes are a staple when it comes to styling and maintaining your beard. You need a good brand of beard wax to keep your beard moisturized and well-conditioned no matter where you are headed to all day long.

Take note that mustache waxes are for keeping your mustache away from your mouth and nose so you can talk, eat, drink and kiss. Beard waxes are for conditioning your beard. There are many waxes available, but two of the most popular with the best reviews are Honest Amish Original Beard Wax and Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner.

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax is an all-natural and organic wax that has been around for more than 45 years. This is made by hand and is made from organic oils, fruit oils, nut oil, beeswax, and butter. This beard wax is very popular and can help condition your beard all day long even in tough weather.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner

This beard wax is made from organic leatherwood beeswax that can only be found in Tasmania. This wax is composed of natural oils like castor oil, jojoba and olive oil. This beard wax is easy on beard hair because of the unbeatable oils found in its formulation. It will make beard hair easy to control and can even treat itchiness common in people who are growing their beards for the first time.

So how to apply beard wax? Think of applying hair gel or wax; it’s really easy. Open the tin and get a generous amount of wax. Place this all over your beard from the top to the chin and down to the neck area. You may need to apply more wax depending on the thickness of your beard. Make sure every part of your beard is covered.Use a comb to comb the wax all over your beard. Also combing lets, you set the wax and remove excess wax from your beard as well.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Applying beard masks

Applying beard masks

Beard masks are weekly treatments that can bring back the luster, smoothness, and thickness of your beard. Remember that your beard is more prone to dirt, grime, and pollution, so you need to give it a break at least once a week. There are many products in the market that you can use. But why use synthetic products when you can use natural oils as your special natural beard mask out of natural oils?

An oil mask is using pure, refined and potent oils to condition hair. This is important especially if your beard is already several inches long. This treatment will help your beard grow longer and thicker. You can use any natural oil or a combination of oils to treat beard hair. One popular recipe asks for a cup of coconut oil, a tablespoon of almond oil and a tablespoon of jojoba oil. Mix these oils together and afterward, heat the mixture slowly in a water bath. You are ready to use it once the oil is warm.

  • You can also warm your oil with your hands. Take a few drops of oil and place these on the palm of your hands. Apply on your beard just like you would your moisturizer.
  • Massage the oil using your fingertips. Use small circular strokes starting from the area just underneath your ear and slowly towards the chin.
  • The area underneath the chin to the neck needs long strokes from the bottom part of the neck going up towards the chin.
  • Apply oil on your mustache. Massage oil using your pointer finger.
  • Let the oil stay on your beard and mustache for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After 15 to 30 minutes, wash your beard and mustache with shampoo and rinse well. Repeat this treatment at least once a week especially when you want to grow your beard longer and thicker.

2. Weekly shave and trim

Weekly Shave And Trim

It’s very likely you want to shape your beard and mustache and follow a certain style. You must at least give it a weekly shave or trim. But if your hair grows faster then you might have to do this more often.

Shave using shaving cream or gel and work your shaver against the hair to get the most efficient results. Use your trimming scissors to make easy corrections and to trim off bits of hair fast.

When trimming hair on the head, a stylist usually cuts an eight of an inch off every 10 to 12 weeks. You can also use the same formula control split ends on your beard especially when you want to grow a more extended and thicker beard.

  • Make sure that your trimming scissors are sharp so you can easily cut hair.
  • Face a mirror in a well-lit room.
  • Cut at least an eighth of an inch once your beard has grown longer.
  • Trim your beard even if there are no splits.
  • Trim near the lips to style your mustache. Trim along the neck area as well. Use a razor to remove hair at this area because hairs along the neck are usually sparse and grow very near the skin.


Proper beard maintenance is the key to having a thick, flowing and healthy beard. And the only way to be able to maintain your beard properly is to use the best products and tools to care for your beard.

Do you enjoy reading this article? We hope you did as much as we enjoyed making it for you. If you have your tricks and tips to care for your beard, then let us know. Use the comments section below. And if you like this article, share it with your family and friends.