Best Way To Shave To Grow A Beard

Best Way to Shave to Grow A Beard

First of all, we would like to say congratulations for making it to this great beard growing guide. As you decide to grow your beard, you are also starting your journey in making an extra enhancement with your face. Today, we will talk about the best way to shave in order to grow your beard.

Shaving is just an easy task, am I right? However, it doesn’t mean that all men are shaving properly. Just like removing the hair in your head, shaving has steps to follow as well.

On the other hand, growing your beard is more than a passion, it is a decision. Why? Because this will require effort and commitment from you to make it effective and great at the end. Many men grow their beard easily but having a hard time in taking care of it. Well, this is because facial hair needs extra care, attention, and quality products to make it grow healthy and soft.

At the end of this topic, you will learn the right steps including tips on how to properly shave your beard. Aside from that, we are also excited to share with you the tips you can do grow your beard vigorously. Please set back and relax as you learn all the things when it comes to shaving and growing your precious beard.

Shaving and growing beard

Before we would like to share the steps in shaving, we wanted to give you some piece of advice. People do trust in myth, and if you are one of them, you might also thinking that you need to shave your beard to grow it more quickly. While most people believe this idea, there was no scientific proof that it is true. This only means that shaving your beard alone is not the only reason for your facial hair to grow quickly.

However, shaving plays an important role in growing your beard as well. Simply because you cannot realize your desired style if you will not shave off your beard. This is why, before you can even start growing your beards, you need to ask your razor’s help first.

How to shave properly

How to shave properly

In shaving, it doesn’t mean that you will just simply take off your facial hair, you need some right tool as well to make sure that your shaving session has a good result.

1) Wet your beard thoroughly

Before getting your razor, check your beard first if it is already wet. If your beard is not thoroughly wet, it will cause shaving irritation which is not good for your skin. This is why taking a shower before shaving is a good idea because it will help your beard becomes wet thoroughly.

2) Choose a shaving cream with great quality

Everyone knows that there are lots of options of shaving creams in the market. However, bear in mind always that not all of them are good enough for your skin. Low-quality shaving creams may irritate your skin.

In choosing a shaving cream, make sure that your chosen brand has a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizer. The ideal application for this is to let it stay in your beard for minutes before you will start removing your beard.

3) Use a shaving brush

Do you ever wonder why shaving brush is always needed in this session? Well, it will help your shaving session more effective and easier. With the use of a shaving brush, you can lead your hair closer to your desired cut. Aside from that, it can lather the cream thoroughly and most of all, it can exfoliate dead skin and make it healthier and softer.

4) Apply shaving cream

In applying the shaving cream, use the brush and put it in a circular motion which must end in an upward stroke. It will help your facial hair up and away from your face.

5) Quality razor

Always make sure that you will use a quality razor and don’t forget to change the blades.

Your razor will have direct contact with your skin, and it can even reach scrapping the two layers of it. This is why you need to make sure that your razor is in great quality and you are constantly changing the blade.

Did you know that the use of a dull blade will cause trauma to your skin? Another negative effect of using a dull razor is that it can contribute a lot to the itching and irritation of your skin. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, aren’t you?

When it comes to the blade, always make sure that you will change it between three to ten shaves especially if you are using it every day.

6) Properly use your razor

Don’t get me wrong, of course; everyone knew how to use a razor. However, not everyone knows how to use it more properly and beneficially. Good for you because you are one of the luckiest men who happened to learn the proper way of using it.

The ideal usage of a razor is to point its direction to the growth of your beard. Start in the sides to be followed by the mustache and then in the chin. The reason for this is because the beard in the chin is the toughest, so they need enough time for the shaving cream to absorb.

7) Don’t forget to cleanse and soften your beard after shaving

When you are done shaving, cleaning and softening your skin is highly recommended. The use of warm water and facial wash with tea tree oil and witch hazel is recommended. It can efficiently clean and soothes your skin because it has properties of astringent.

8) After washing, rinse it with cool water and gently pat a dry and clean towel in it. ( avoid rubbing)

9) Finish your shaving session with shaving lotion or balm.

This will moisturize your skin and replace the moisture which has been removed during shaving.

Congratulations, you are now one way ahead of growing your beard vigorously. Now, you can enjoy a perfectly clean and fresh face while waiting with the new beards to grow.

Growing your beard

Growing your beard

This time, we will share the tips and tricks for growing your beard and making it as thick as it can be. After shaving, your next goal is to achieve healthy and faster growth of your beard. Well, if you will not do anything to achieve a quick growth of your beard, you might end up waiting for a longer time. Fortunately, we found effective ways you can do to grow your beards faster and making it as healthy as possible.

Eat beard growing foods

Eat beard growing foods

Fortunately, you can accompany beard growing foods to your diet. The health of your beard and the health of your body are closely related to each other. This is why it is much helpful to eat foods which can boost the fast growth of your beard. Eating these foods will not just let your beard blooms, it will also add up rich nutrients to your body. The following list of foods is found to be effective in blooming and growing of your facial hair.

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Oysters
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Liver
  • Cinnamon
  • Natural vitamins (in the form of supplements)

Eating these foods are found to be effective in the bloom and growth of beards. You may be wondering what the special properties of these foods are. These foods are rich in vitamins which can make your beard healthy all the time.

Beard growing exercise

Beard growing exercise

Some people may find beard as unclean or a huge disturbance in someone’s face. Well, they do not know that it creates a huge difference in the face making it cooler, hotter, and enhanced. This is why many men love to grow facial hair most of the time.

The growth of your beard is also associated with a certain hormone. Testosterone has something to do with your beard. The more production of this hormone in your body, the higher the DHT will become. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, a more potent hormone in the form of testosterone which will help grow and bloom your beard.

Since we are talking a certain hormone, the sleeping time also has a huge impact on the growth of your beard. Sleep between 7-10 hours is already good enough for your facial hair because the more sleep you’ve got, the more testosterone your body will produce. Aside from sleeping, enough food intakes will also matter.
Now we are coming in the actual exercise. Going to the gym, having some cardio exercise, running, or simply lifting your dumbbells will be fine. There is no certain type of exercise is needed. You just need to make sure that you are working out. Exercising will help the increase of testosterone percentage as well.

Finally, you are now on your way to grow your beard faster. With the help of certain foods, enough sleep, and exercise, growing beard quickly is not impossible. Anyone can do it; it will just require effort and commitment from you.

As we share the things you can do to grow your facial hair faster, we cannot stop ourselves from sharing tips and tricks to grow it even faster more than you have expected. The following tips are believed to be effective in growing your beard like a flush.

growing your beard like a flush

  • Avoid looking at the mirror most of the time
  • Stop picking your beard
  • Clean it all the time
  • Lubricate and moisturize it all the time

We would like to congratulate you in advance in making the most of your beard. Welcome to the community of beard lover individual who chooses to grow, nurture, and keep it rather than cutting it off every time it grows.

As you learned the tips you can apply to shave and grow your beards, we wish for your success. Don’t worry; you can do it! As long as you have the patience and determination that you can do it, you can grow and create the most suited beard design for your face. Good luck beard lover!