Skincare For Men: It’s Never Too Late To Start

Who Needs Skincare?

For most men, especially more mature gentlemen, skin care is not a top priority. However, as the largest organ, skin deserves the best treatment. Sadly, many feel that skincare is strictly a woman’s domain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, more skincare options for men are available than ever before. Skincare products are available for men of any age. There is simply no excuse for men to ignore their skin’s needs any longer.

Why Should I Worry Now?

Skin care is not limited to moisturizing and exfoliating. It is also a relevant concern for maturing skin. Many men have severe dermatological conditions. Ignoring things like chronic dry skin, “gym rashes” and skin discoloration could affect your health. Skin is an indicator of how well we care for the rest of our bodies. If we ignore its warning signs, we could find ourselves in serious trouble. Having clear, luminous skin is simply an added bonus to taking healthy precautions and utilizing proper skin care.

What Can I Do To Keep My Skin Healthy?

There are a few ways to keep skin healthy before using any products. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin from becoming dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is dry and loses elasticity. When skin is dry, the body is not absorbing an appropriate amount of fluids. This can indicate that there may be another underlying health issue, such as a urinary tract infection, that are associated with dehydration. Making regular appointments with your dermatologist is also a great way to keep track of your skin’s health. Your dermatologist may even recommend some great products for your skin.

What Products Should I Use For My Skin?

1.) Sunscreens

For any man of any age, sunscreen is a must. Especially if you are outdoors for a large part of your day. Remember to cover your skin and use protective sunscreen. Always note your SPF and be sure to reapply sunscreen as directed. Look for sunscreens that list titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in their ingredients, but avoid oxybenzone. While oxybenzone is a powerful UV blocker, it has been linked to severe medical side effects. When used properly, sunscreen prevents sun damage caused by UV rays that can lead to skin cancers. Sunscreen with qualifying SPFs can also reduce the signs of aging by nearly 25%.

These sunscreens are top notch recommendations for any man looking to grab some shade:

Jack Black Sunscren – This high SPF sunscreen provides great protection without the oily, caked on feeling. The 45 SPF guards against skin damage and wrinkles.

Neutrogena Men’s SPF 20 Face Protectant – This is a great option for keeping the rays off your face if you have sensitive skin. This sunscreen can also help to reduce the signs of aging while protecting against UV rays.

Clinique for Men Broad Spectrum Moisturizer SPF 21 – This anti-aging moisturizer doubles as a protective sunscreen. It keeps your face hydrated and protected throughout the day without the look and feel of a sunscreen.

2.) Daily Moisturizers

Daily moisturizers are an important part of keeping skin healthy. Moisturizers provide skin with the hydration it needs to stay strong and supple. The more plump the skin, the more elasticity it has. Hydrated skin is less prone to brittle breaking that can cause rashes and infections. Moisturizers are also great for plumping and rejuvenating tired skin. As men mature, their skin can lose its youthful appearance. Adding a daily moisturizer to your routine can brighten up your skin, especially after working long hours.

Moisturizers specifically tailored to men’s needs can be found here:

Brickell Men’s Moisturizer – This lightweight moisturizer is quickly absorbed for a “shine free” look. It also covers anti-aging properties and smooths wrinkles with ingredients like green tea, aloe vera & Jojoba.

Lab Series Max LS Moisture Lotion – From a line that caters to men’s facial needs, the Lab Series Max moisture lotion utilizes their Molecular Age-Less Complex. This secret weapon not only prevents but also repairs the damaging signs of aging.

Wellman Daily Moisturizers – This moisturizer was formulated from studies in the Advanced Research in Male Skincare (ARMSĀ®). The Wellman line is specifically tailored for men who value their health and appearance with their enhanced anti-aging formulas.

3.) Serums

Many people equate serums with expensive ladies cosmetics. They couldn’t be any more misinformed. Today, many serums are used for skin’s health, not just cosmetic purposes. More importantly, serums can be a huge part of a man’s skin health regimen. Serums are amazing for transporting vitamins to skin through absorption and for hydrating skin to ward off the signs of aging.

Masculine inspired serums can be found here:

Malin+Goetz Replenishing Facial Serum – Using Amino Acid hydration technology to restore elasticity, this facial serum deploys Chamomile and Panthenol to reduce skin irritation and fight redness.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum – The Aesop men’s serum contains a calming dose of aloe, grape, lavender and parsley loaded with skin nourishing vitamins.

Vitaman:Wrinkle Smoother Serum – Combining Bilberry Extract,
Lactic Acid, and Allantoin. This super serum handles wrinkles, dry skin and puffiness.

Creating a Regimen

While the basic needs of skin care can be covered with UV protection and moisturizers, all skin is different. Some men have under eye puffiness, lines, wrinkles, or even adult acne. The importance of assessing your skin needs only magnifies with age. Regular visits to the dermatologist can help to discover critical information about skin type and the products available for any related skin health issues. Finding a product that works for you is half the battle. It is very important to adhere to the skin care regimen suggested by the specialist. While skin care from a young age is preferred, men will find that it is never too late to halt the aging process. Every ounce of care and product put into your skin is an investment well spent.

Some great products to add to your skin care regimen can include:

Eye Creams – They reduce dark circles, puffiness and redness.

Night Creams – They can help you fight aging while you sleep.

Dark Spot Correctors – A formula that evens skin tone and reduces signs of maturing skin.

Anti Wrinkle Cream – Creams that reduce fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your face hydrated.

Add To Your Morning Shave

In a minimal amount of time, men can shave, moisturize, hydrate and protect their skin. Adding a few simple steps each morning by incorporating a skin care regimen can greatly increase health and cosmetic benefits for men. Starting earlier can delay the effects of aging. However, there are plenty of products who reduce, decrease and even completely diminish the appearance of unpleasant blemishes, lines and marks. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.